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  • Aristotle And Unanswered Questions

    Unanswered Questions & Metaphysics One of the hardest things for me, and one of the most frustrating things about this course, are the questions that are asked, but have no true answer. There are many questions in the world that have many or no answers, which you can sit and discuss for hours, days, weeks, and still never reach a definite answer. It may be frustrating, but that’s what keeps life interesting, especially for someone like me, who is extremely curious by nature. In this essay, I will delve deeper into Aristotle’s metaphysics and how people’s causality impacts these unanswered questions. Three months ago, if you asked me who Aristotle was, I would stutter and ask you if he was that guy who wrote all the fairy-tale-fable-type-story-things. I’m sure I’ve learned about him in another part of my prior education, but he never stuck with me. When we began discussing Socrates and his other friends from Antiquity, I groaned to myself; I didn’t sign up for a philosophy class, but as we began talking about all of these great thinkers, I found myself upset that our class was only fifty minutes long and I couldn't hear more about them. It may be because he was one of the ones we discussed the longest, but I was completely inspired by Aristotle and his ways of thinking.…

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  • Antigone In Electra

    Electra (Sophocles) The blocking and emotion of a scene can completely change the audience’s response or even how they perceive the character as a person. This means that how an actor voices a line or a scene can make an incredible difference. It could mean the difference of the audience hating or loving a character, or a death having meaning or not. The impact a certain character makes can make or break a play. The emotion behind a scene can bring up or answer questions about a character and…

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  • Which Came First Summary

    Before reading the essay, Which Came First, by Francine Prose, I had assumed the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Was a meaningless conundrum, but now I see there is a deeper meaning to gain from it. I gained a deeper understanding by Francine explaining most people do not remember where they first heard the conundrum, a scientific explanation and that the question it self was not what was truly important. I started to gain a deeper understanding when Francine said most…

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  • Russell's Arguments On Why Philosophy Has Value Without Answers

    opinion to prove it’s wrong. Then I will give Russell’s response and why I support his claim. Lastly I will explain my standing on why philosophy has value without answers. Philosophy is a field of unanswered questions. If a questions develops answers, then it changes from philosophy to the area of knowledge it is associated with, supporting that philosophy will never have completed answers. Math, Science and Astronomy, to name a few, have all originated from philosophy, but can no longer…

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  • Good And Evil In The Lamb By William Blake

    / Dost thou know who made thee?” (1-2). The child is asking the lamb how it was made and where it comes from. At first glance, the child’s question appears to be rather simple. However, the child is asking a rather profound question, as if goes beyond the existence of the lamb. It is a question that humans ask themselves often: how they came into being. The Christian faith is greatly emphasized by how the poem ends. The child blesses the lamb, “Little Lamb God bless thee” (19). The poem is…

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  • How Does Language Affect Eyewitness

    done and what was found (approx. 350 words) In an experiment in 1969 by Marshall using air force personnel it was discovered that recalling details of an event, in this case, the speed of a vehicle, were difficult for people to recall. In some cases, participants recalled speeds of up to 50 mph where the actual speed was 12 mph (Flanagan, 2013). Loftus and Palmer further studied Marshall’s discovery, Loftus and Palmers two-tailed hypotheses was to show ‘an example of the interaction between…

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  • Minnesota Vikings Football

    bother, and even in high school, but the game was just a bunch of players in padding running after another player who had the ball. All sports are like that to me. I'm not athletic at all but I did try almost every sport, I just couldn’t get over the running back and forth part. You're probably thinking why didn’t I just ask my dad? Well, my dad is not a patience person, especially after him thinking I understood the game for so long. After my frustration took over, I finally decided to ask my…

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  • Questions In Christian Worship

    When it comes to worship there are many questions asked. Do you have to be a good musician, should it come before or after the sermon, is dancing okay, should we have lights, what music is okay, and many other questions. These are all basic questions, but are they the right ones? These are basic questions that are so specific that the real questions that should be asked are not even addressed. In fact, the church has been built in such a way that whatever is being done must be replicated and…

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  • Sacks Science Vs Religion Summary

    was the first person Rabbi Sacks conversed with. She is a professor at Oxford, currently researching the human conscience and (attempting) to understand how the human conciseness is generated from brain cells. This is a major unanswered question in the field of neuroscience. Scientists, however, are unable to explain the phenomenon of human conciseness because they do not know what they are looking for and are therefore incapable of determining how the human conscience is generated. Religion, on…

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  • Does Religion Cause War Research Paper

    Given the vast choices we have on this assignment, I have struggled to pick just one. Even picking just three is stressing my brain out to the point of just playing “Eeny Meeny Miney Mo”. A topic that caught my eye rather quickly was the question of if religion causes war. Of course, my opinion is one of strong emotion, but that is for later on. This topic is one that should, though it’s not, be a topic on every world inhabitants mind right now. Today the war ensuing over practices of religion…

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