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  • Essay On Ancient Greek Triremes

    their adept shipbuilding skills to create the most powerful navy the world had ever seen. Using this great navy as a ‘fulcrum’ the Athenians protected their territory and fended off dangerous enemies like the Persian Empire. The main component of this great navy was a type of ship known as a trireme. The ancient Assyrians first made triremes around the fifth century BCE. A trireme is a three decked sailing ship that was also powered by human rowers on all three levels. The foremost part of the trireme was a massive bronze ram that was used to smash gaping holes in enemy…

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  • Democracy In Ancient Athens

    First, the ostracon proves that there was voting in ancient Athens, therefore proving of a democracy. In addition, the trireme is a boat in which people were bribed with citizenship to row. Thirdly, the potteries tell of people who did not have any political freedom at all and their work. All of the visuals are about people who could or could not vote. In contrast, however, the ostracon and the trireme help support democracy; they tell of it. The potteries don’t do so as much. They aren’t direct…

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  • Battle Of Salamis Compare And Contrast

    Aeschylus who fought as the battle of Salamis potray it from the Persian viewpoint and provided the diffrent information compare to Herodotus. Overall, there were several different points between Herodotus and Aeschylus about the battle of Salamis. Those different points were such as the different in the number of ship and triremes that fought in the battle of Salamis. The other differences was on Aeschylus version, it provided more detail of explaining about what were happening during the…

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  • Thete Role In Athenian Democracy

    lower classes in the Athenian military of the fifth and fourth centuries. This focus on the lower classes is of the utmost importance when examining Athenian democracy, as they were the primary beneficiaries of democracy, and as some historians argue, the biggest contributors to the new naval based Athenian military. Two proponents of this emphasis on the lower classes are Barry Strauss and Victor Hanson. In his essay The Athenian Trireme, School of Democracy, Strauss argues…

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  • Battle Of Salamis Summary

    educators, and those who enjoy learning about ancient naval warfare. This monograph is categorized into four parts: The Advance, The Trap, The Battle, and The Retreat. These four parts are further broken down into thirteen chapters that further break down and explain this epic battle. Strauss also provides a timetable of event relating to the battle of Salamis. Not only is the monograph in itself an substantial resources altogether, this timeline is an added bonus that is especially helpful for…

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  • Greek Farming Research Paper

    Greek Geography Speech Thank you Drew. I will be talking about Ancient Greek farming. Most Greek villagers made their living off farming, but, because they lived around many mountains, it wasn’t easy. It usually rained during winter seasons, and there was no major rivers running through greece to provide water as there were in many other places. So, most farmers grew olives and grapes, although some managed to grow wheat and barley. Olives and grapes produced soap, fuel and lots of olive oil.…

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  • Essay On Athens Vs Sparta

    The Spartan military may have been strong but the Athenian navy was just as good, if not better. Athenians had control of the sea and were able to develop the strongest battleships of their time. One of the most known battleships is the wooden Triremes because of it’s immense strength and durability. The Triremes countered Persian attacks in the Peloponnesian War and defeated far more powerful attacks in the Bay of Salamis. This disproves the argument that the Persian military overpowers that of…

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  • Battle Of Saamis Essay

    it is Themistocles, the brilliant naval commander, who was coming from twenty years of experience who is widely credited with the decision to hold position at Salamis instead of moving back to the Isthmus of Corinth. Again, Herodotus' numbers for the Greek fleet was once again inconsistent, as his total was 15 more than the sum of his list. He said that the Greeks had 380 triremes, Aeschylus writes the total in at 310, and Thucydides at 400. Whatever the number may be, it was clear that the…

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  • Essay On Spartan Culture

    Cleisthenes an aristocratic politician. He broke up the factions and created ten “tribes” of which each citizen of Athens was apart. The Boule or the “legislative council” was reorganized and consisted of 500 members of which 50 came from each of the ten tribes. The popular assembly consisted of all free male Athenian citizens. It passed or rejected the laws the Boule council proposed. After 507 BCE, one man one vote was a principle that ensured that the majority made the decisions, even though…

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  • Ancient Greek Civilization

    ???) from Syria, Beef from Italy, rope and sails from Egypt, Leather from North Africa, and cushions and rugs from Carthage.” All the trades done in ancient Greece gave a great push to the shipbuilding industry growth and promoted the development of its skill. In order to sail across the sea and ensure the safety of the merchants, sailors and goods, scientists in ancient Greek contributed many important developments to the field of applied mathematics and geometry, which are still used today.…

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