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  • Vanessa Hudgens Essay

    Vanessa Hudgens may be best known for her role in the hit Disney series High School Musical as Gabrielle Montez singing beside future star and fellow teen heart-throb Zac Efron. The warm reception and success of the original movie led to several sequels, catapulting the young starlet to fame and making Vanessa Hudgens a household name. Though after the completion of HSM, the starlet said goodbye to her Disney roots and left the company to pursue a career in film. The rising star would go on to land roles opposite of soon to be Hollywood great, James Franco, in the crime drama Spring Breakers and even took to the live stage doing a stint on Broadway. In anticipation for her latest role helping protect average citizens from the chaos caused…

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  • High School Musical 4: Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens

    ‘High School Musical 4’ reunites Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens? Austin Butler angry with girlfriend! Ever since “High School Musical 4” was announced to be made, fans have been thinking about the franchise’s most beloved faces i.e. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Everyone wants them to return and looks like they are not just returning but also reuniting in real life. Ex-couple Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens might be back with each other in real life as well because of “High School Musical 4,”…

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  • Baywatch Reboot Analysis

    seems that the studio behind the new Baywatch reboot got that message. First, Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were cast in the lead roles. Now, they're screen-testing some of the most buzzed-about young actresses in Hollywood for the female lead. Although no one can take over for Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth — but Paramount is sure going to try. According to Deadline: Alexandra Daddario, Pretty Little Liars‘ star, Ashley Benson, The Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev, Straight Outta…

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  • Should The Arts Be Considered Unimportant In Today's Society

    Beyonce. Zac Efron. Andy Warhol. What do these three very different individuals have in common? All of them are very famous and well known around the world, and exhibit traits that are starting to be considered unimportant in today’s society. All three are examples of people who thrive in the arts. Now wait a minute... the arts? Andy Warhol was the only artist out of the three? Actually, Beyonce, Zac Efron and Andy Warhol are all representatives of the fine arts because of their professional…

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  • Disney's Finding Dory

    The momentum of Disney’s Finding Dory can’t be stopped – as the swimming streak continues… For a third consecutive weekend, Finding Dory remains on top – adding a healthy $41.9 million to its ever-growing total. On the domestic front, Dory has amassed a towering $372.2 million, thrusting it past Deadpool as the second highest grossing movie of the year. At the same time, Dory has also flown past the half a billion mark, and now sits at $538.2 million, worldwide. Below Dory is a fleet on…

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  • Essay On Teenage Drug Use

    the issue still is largely present in the United States (NIH, para.1). Knowing the harmful effects drugs can have on any individual's mind and body has not seemed to deter adolescents from continuing to take them. So, the real question that is raised remains - why do teens ignore the facts and what needs to be done in order to reduce/stop teenage drug use? There are a number of reasons that come to mind when asked why adolescents continue to take drugs, despite the obvious and very well-known…

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  • Neighbors Film Analysis

    United States. During the film’s opening weekend it made over $49 million dollars and overtime it had grossed $269 million (BoxOfficeMojo). It instantly received positive reviews and Nick Stoller co-director alongside Seth Rogan stated, “It’s a hyper-marketable idea… Just look at the poster; you don’t have to read to understand what’s happening. It’s easy, and people like easy.” (Cheney). The poster is simple, yet effective, it is composed of Rogen with a baby on him and Efron holding a red solo…

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  • Descriptive Essay For My Father

    I have always dreamed of having a perfect man ever since I watched High School Musical and saw Troy Bolton (Zac efron) I was sure I was in love. I'm sure every other girl can relate; tall, popular, is good at sports, and most importantly handsome. If you want all these things in your guy you'll be in love. Of Course you want a better guy than all your friends so they're jealous. Let's stop dreaming now and actually think about this. For me I want a man thats a decent human being and is not…

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  • Celebrities: A Swoon-Worthy

    He finished his degree from the University of Notre Dame and is also a freelance photographer for Getty Images. Of course, some of his most notable works are of his famous sister, which have appeared in such publications as People and Rolling Stone. 6. Zac Efron Zac Efron’s hotness these days is hard enough to handle, imagine what it would do to the ladies when they find that he has a younger brother, Dylan, who is also as gorgeous as he is. The Baywatch actor may have bulked up in the recent…

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  • Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Essay

    the magazine Maxim, “I never expected that being on a music video could affect is this way my career as a model, its insane how after that magazines like Carine Roitfeld suddenly wanted me on their cover’s issues” It didn’t just open opportunities as a model, also it helped her gain a role in the movie Gone Girl. She played Andie Hardy “At first people were telling that I couldn’t do so much because everyone was only focus on my sex appeal, but after the movie I received really good critics”…

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