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  • Australian Beer Industry Essay

    Although no one probably thought it was possibly, people can now help save the world - specifically the Great Barrier Reef in Australia - by drinking beer. James Grugeon, founded The Good Beer Company under the notion of "getting people to do good" primarily when it pertains to climate change and protecting the environment. Mashable reports: "The company's first iteration is the Great Barrier Beer, with 50 [percent] of profits going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. The beer is set to be made at a craft brewery called Bargara in Bundaberg, Queensland - not too far from the reef." Talking to Mashable Australia, James Grugeon talks about craft beer in Australia: "I've always been a big fan of beer, and in particular craft beer, which in Australia is on the up. People are drinking a lot less of the big brands like XXXX and VB, they like the fact that craft beer is part of their communities - they support Aussie farmers and are often brewing in a way that is environmentally responsible." Apparently, Grugeon built the company and took inspiration from similar enterprises, Two Fingers Brewing in the UK, and Finnegans in the US. As it turns out, Two Fingers Brewing - which aims to raise money for prostate cancer - and Finnegans - who helps feed the hungry - gave James Grugeon some advice on starting his own enterprise. "I had a chat with them and they were really supportive - we agreed that if it was going to work anywhere,…

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  • Bluetick Brewery Case Study

    Bluetick Brewery - Home Welcome to Bluetick Brewery, your ultimate source for the best handcrafted beer brews in Milwaukee! Did you know that Milwaukee is the home of beer in the United States? This is the city that beer technically built and is in fact considered as the beer capital of the world. You see, this is where most well-known brewers such as Pabst, Miller, Blatz and Schlitz started and expanded their beer businesses. So if you want to experience the best beer in the whole wide world,…

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  • New Belgium Brewery Slogan Analysis

    New Belgium Brewery is one of the top breweries in the world. They are not a large brewery like Anheuser Busch or Miller, but they are at the head of the list when it comes to microbreweries. New Belgium Brewery began in Colorado and was created by a husband and wife who obtained a tremendous idea. Their idea was to produce quality beer with a particular kind of yeast that gave it the name “Belgium beer” (Ferrell & Hartline, 2014). New Belgium Brewery uses critical marketing structures to…

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  • St. Louis Soulard Case Study

    The growth of German culture in Soulard was what took brewing to the next step.Of course the exclusive French inhabitant were more than apprehensive at the flood of Germans; however, they openly welcomed the beer the Germans brewed which gave the Germans a foot in the door. Beer was becoming increasingly popular in St. Louis and became the alcohol of choice at the bars and pubs as it was popular among all groups and not just Germans. Over the span of six months "from March 1st to September 1st,…

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  • Malt Whiskey Research Papers

    Barrels, Wood, and Aged Malt Whiskey Davin Sanders By Davin Sanders Nov 16, 2015 During these agonizingly long periods of time, there is no shaking that feeling expectancy that comes with your eagerness to see the drink finally ready for tasting. However, despite your best efforts at ensuring the use of quality malt, or being careful to utilize only the heart of the run while getting rid of the foreshot and tail, it will be difficult to ever achieve the taste often found in top shelf liquors.…

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  • Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Analysis

    Rewritten Native American Tribe Pomos, the Native American Tribe, should be allowed to express their language, traditions, and their land without the government of the United States neglecting them. Many profess that the Pomo needs the government's approval to provide themselves a better lifestyle with low problems. The Pomos were known for creating “basket weaving” which were made through a very skillful manner that required a lot of time and effort and it helped them have enough money to get…

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  • William Dewhurst Research Paper

    Pouring another vintage single malt whiskey, William Dewhurst had been stewing on more than just alcohol. A lot had come to his attention in the last twenty-four hours. He sat in his home study though he had to catch a flight in a few hours. The walls were blood red and all the furniture was fashioned in thick, dark oak. He only had one piece of artwork in his study, a canvas of the iconic “Napalm Girl” photographed by Nick Ut which for some reason or another gave him tranquility. The rest of…

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  • Bud Light Marketing Strategy

    This begins first with the types of ingredients that are used to manufacture the beer. According to Anheuser-Busch, there are five key ingredients within every beer: malt, hops, rice, yeast, and water (Anheuser-Busch, “Quality Ingredients”). Malt is known as the “soul” of beer. The process of creating malt includes soaking barley kernels in water, germinating the seeds and then drying them in a kiln (Anheuser-Busch,“Quality Ingredients”). Hops are known as the “spice” of the beer which adds the…

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  • Cafeteria Food Case Study

    Fermentation ensures not only increased shelf life and microbiological safety of a food but also may also make some foods more digestible(Caplice and Fitzgerald, 1999). Importance materials for fermentation 1. Marley malts Malting barley is the primary ingredient in the production of beer. The process has two basic steps: the biological conversion of barley to malt at the malt house and the biological conversion of malt and other proprietary ingredients and recipes into targeted fermented beer…

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  • The Ardmore Legacy Of A Lifetime: A Gift Of Gold

    A Legacy of a Lifetime / A Gift of Gold. Whether it's a gift for a landmark birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion, The Ardmore Legacy is the kind that will be appreciated and remembered, long after the last drop is done The quest for the consummate gift can be like searching for the Holy Grail. It needs to reflect the style and sophistication of the sender while appealing to the sensibilities of the recipient. It needs to be attractive but not understated, exclusive but not…

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