Crazy Horse Malt Liquor Analysis

Rewritten Native American Tribe
Pomos, the Native American Tribe, should be allowed to express their language, traditions, and their land without the government of the United States neglecting them. Many profess that the Pomo needs the government's approval to provide themselves a better lifestyle with low problems. The Pomos were known for creating “basket weaving” which were made through a very skillful manner that required a lot of time and effort and it helped them have enough money to get them settled but that wasn’t enough for the government of the United States. For example in the article entitled “Crazy Horse Malt Liquor” by Michael Dorris, an American writer, he tackles to his audience “Sometimes otherwise impeccably credentialed liberals get so swept up into honoring that they beat tom-toms or fashion their forearms and hands and attempt, unsuccessfully to chop their way to victory.” And through what Michael said in his article he feels that Native Americans only got things done the hard way when in reality some didn’t, some actually took time to do arts or develop something and that's what lead them to victory not all tribes had critical things to do some were just focused on getting settled.So although the Pomos was getting developments for themselves it ended up affecting them because it wasn’t useful
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However, there were some rough things that the Pomo’s faced which was that “when the Anglos took over the territory, the remainder of the survivors were kept as slaves, which caused the tribe to go down since mostly all were now slaves”. In the article entitled “Herman’s Comic” by Jim Linger, American comic strip artist, evaluates that the Indians were the ones who started chaos only to get what they wanted by saying “The implication is that the Indians were savage headhunters”. so there is a lot of diversity throughout his analogy of how the Indians would technically do anything just to hunt down what they needed or for

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