Personal Analysis: In The White Man's Image

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Hyeon Chung
SSCI 350
Personal Analysis of “In the White Man’s Image” The film “In the White Man’s Image” illustrates how white Americans wanted to civilize Native Americans. Anglo Americans, settlers who colonized United States, encroached on the land and culture of Native Americans. At that time, any hostile or violent behavior toward Whites’ intention was punished severely. Moreover, Whites believed that Native Americans needed to conform to the white way of civilization in order to live in America and thought that the way of life of Native Americans as immoral. Due to their strong belief, they felt Native Americans could not be civilized until they accept the social practices of whites’ society, or superior society. The only way
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This illogical belief forced to the suppression of Native American culture and elimination of their identities. Although Native Americans were the indigenous people who settled and lived first in the America, their culture was recognized as inferior and ignored harshly. White immigrants’ intention was oppressive and aggressive toward innocent citizens. From the scene, it describes the major player of the movement was Richard Henry Pratt, a former soldier in the American Civil War. He believed that the Native American should get American education in order to be soaked into American society. In spite of his thoughtful purpose, the processes were quite forceful indoctrination, not for goodwill. Initially, he tried to transform a group of men by clearing their cultural identities such as their names, clothing, and hair styles. However, he decided to change subjects for his teaching since the older population was more difficult to change. With his idea of …show more content…
Therefore, main goal of the boarding school was to hasten the process of getting natives out in the world. In the film, it describes Pratt’s moto, “Kill the Indian, save the man”, is foundation of his intention of the Carlisle Industry Indian boarding school. His moto explains the destruction of Native American culture to make natives to become what he wants them to become. He believed this would make all natives alike and assimilate with whites. In addition, Pratt also mentioned “Emerging the Indian in our civilization and when we get them under, holding them, until they're thoroughly soaked." This proves that he is going to change natives until they are fully absorbed into an image of white man. Certainly, there were consequences for resisting or not following the rules in the boarding school. In order to survive from this confined environment, the native children had to follow new rules whether it is acceptable or not. As I watch this film, ironic thing was how whites describe Native Americans as “bloodthirsty savages” even though natives never had the intention of war or any violence unless whites crossed the

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