Trail Of Tears Effects

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The effects of the Trail of Tears When we think of the first people in America, whom do we think of? Of course, Christopher Columbus comes to mind. Yet, the first people on land were the native people. Native people were the first people to set foot on this soil, long before any white person. Regrettably, the federal government brutally attacked and removed from the Indians from homelands that they dearly loved. Native people was forced to walk thousands of miles to a specific place “Indian territory across the Mississippi river. This was the most difficult and deadliest journey known as the Trail of Tears. This paper will discuss the effects of The Trail of Tears had on the Indians.
Around the 1800’’s there lived five tribes the came to Oklahoma against their will to lay the foundation for that state future.
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They slept with no blankets. When they got sick, they were left behind. This removal hurt to the elderly people more. The native had no idea of where they were going or why they had to leave. In the winter, they walked in rags and when the rags was worn out, they walked in nothing. They were helpless.
“The Greed of Gold” Mineworkers began to attack them in the hopes, of getting rich. Mineworker came and destroyed their land, Gold was very easy to get. It was on the ground and in the streams. The Indians were attacked a beaten. So many times the Cherokee cry out for help, but no one came to their rescue. Instead of help, they were told, “The Georgians were their problem and they should find a way to get them off their land”. Therefore, they did just that. They gathered up all the white families. They gave then warning to stay off their land and burnt down their houses.
The Cherokee people did not t view themselves as savages, so they develop their own language, printed newspapers and elected a leader to represent their tribe. Yet the government refuse to recognized their

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