William Dewhurst Research Paper

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Pouring another vintage single malt whiskey, William Dewhurst had been stewing on more than just alcohol. A lot had come to his attention in the last twenty-four hours.
He sat in his home study though he had to catch a flight in a few hours.
The walls were blood red and all the furniture was fashioned in thick, dark oak. He only had one piece of artwork in his study, a canvas of the iconic “Napalm Girl” photographed by Nick Ut which for some reason or another gave him tranquility.
The rest of his study was decorated with various guns, mostly rare collectables such as World War II German rifles and American Civil War muskets. Some had been hard to obtain, but he’d acquired them.
He didn’t have any reflective surface in here or in any room
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However, he didn’t like to catch his reflection. Sometimes frightening even to him.
Dewhurst stared at his artwork, one hand caressing the smooth black leather chair he was seated in and the other cradling his whiskey in a crystal tumbler. His fingers stroked the engraved pattern while swishing the drink around in the glass.
Dr. Walker was dead. He couldn’t say he was surprised. Robert and himself had gone way back and the man had always been weak.
He could recall visiting him once many years ago and telling him he was being transferred to Serbsy Centre. He almost shit
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The projects to turn these slithering caterpillars into butterflies, into magnificent machines that would fight and die for their countries, performing as spies or passing coded messages between the elite couldn’t be stopped. More like maggots into flies though if you ask me…
These creatures were the future. The best form of weapons any nation could own at their disposal. No country would back out now, similar to commanding the use of nuclear weapons to be shut down. That didn’t work out either. No one wanted to give up that power.
He could, however, find these girls. They wouldn’t last very long on the run. Women weren’t intellectuals, poorly designed to cope with high pressured situations, Dewhurst had found. He knew a lot of people and could pull many strings.
William Dewhurst would find these vermin and after he had his fun and learnt all he could about them, he would exterminate them like the low-life race they were.
He poured himself another whiskey and raised his glass to Yongrui, even Robert and the work they had achieved as he vowed he would find the creatures on the loose. Laughing, he downed the expensive alcohol in one, slamming his glass on his

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