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  • Female Genital Cutting

    Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting Humane or Inhumane Introduction In the United States we seem to not worry about Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting also known as FGM, because in our religious society we don’t see a need nor condone such acts. Truth of the matter is some cultures see the act of cutting or mutilating females genitals as a norm or necessity. In underdeveloped countries the usage of such act are so normal that they don’t view it as being barbaric or dangerous like we would here in the US. There has been known acts of Female Genital Mutilation by immigrants here in the US, who have fled their country but still keep their countries practices and views. These unlawful procedures have so many unhealthy risk and side effects…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Female Genital Cutting

    The Price for Beauty, For Someone Else’s Pain Female Genital Cutting, FGC, is the practice of partially or completely removing the external female genitalia. FGC is also commonly referred to as Female Circumcision, Female Genital Mutilation, and Forced Female Circumcision. It is estimated that more than 200 hundred million women are recipients of this tradition (WHO). The external female genitals include the labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vaginal opening, and the urethra (Marshall).…

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  • Taed Up Heart Analysis

    really misses her. With every clip of her smiling there is a longer clip of him working out or doing something new at the gym. This is when the chorus plays again. This time the couple is in the car and he grabs his bottle of pills while driving. She takes them out of his hand and hands him a card. The person watching cannot tell what the card is for but it is clearly foreshadowing for something. The girl then makes him pull over and she gets out of the car still exasperated. The lyrics as…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fear Of Failure

    of failure is not a universally positive motivator. In some cases it is neither positive nor a motivator. Failure may be described as the eventual and inevitable by-product of the expenditure of efforts to achieve success. A fear of failure has never been anything but an abstract to me, because I do not embrace failure as an acceptable outcome. Success may be attained by researching methods to achieve an action or by avoiding problems through observing failures of other people. In the study…

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  • Scissor Cutting Exercise

    Scissor cutting involves open and close hand action using a pointer, index and thumb of one hand, whilst using the other to holding cutting material (Kearns, 2011). Scissor cutting help develops fine motor and hand and eye coordination and development of strength and joint stability in wrist, elbow and shoulder (Kearns, 2011). To manage to do up buttons the action requires the development of the pincher grasp, the control of thumb and pointer coming together (Kearns, 2010). Being able to let…

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  • The Importance Of Being A State Champion

    starts, and any of my classmates are even awake, I unwillingly go for a quick three mile run. With sweatpants and a sweatshirt on, the long thirty minute run drags on to what seems like forever. As the treadmill slows to a stop, I hop off, wipe away the sweat, and return to the locker room for a shower. I complete my next workout in at practice after school. I need to get a consistent sweat going before practice, so I go for a hard run around the hallways. Once practice starts, dehydration and…

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  • Clear Cutting Effects

    Our earth is consisted of biological importance that affects our daily life. We have invented and innovated several practices to help maintain an environmental yet economic status. Clear cutting is a prime example of this similar method. Clear cutting also known as clear felling is a logging practice in which every tree is cut down from a selected area (Clear-Cutting). This method is the most common method yet the most controversial. This practice has several effects on the economy and the…

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  • Teen Cutting Thesis

    The Misdiagnosis of Teen Cutting “Closed?! How can the pharmacy be closed?! My meds are all gone! I can’t cope without them!! I feel myself losing control already!!!” This frantic dialogue was quite a common thing to hear in my house during my teen years. A young relation of mine had started cutting at a rather tender age. No one knew what triggered it or how it began. All we knew was that her gorgeous alabaster skin was now covered in deep, puckered brown ripples that were mercilessly opened…

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  • Cutting The Cake Analysis

    At first glance, Cutting the Cake seems to be a basic photograph of a happy wedding party but in closer examination a unique outlook on mothering is found. A mother holds her child as she and her husband cut their wedding cake, surrounded by their five other children. This image renders many assumptions, but suddenly introduces a host of new ideas when one realizes the mother and father are famous. The scene of a vowel renewal or marriage of a blended family could be described in similar terms…

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  • Cutting For Stone Analysis

    Tortoise or the Stone: Challenging Hardships It is integral to human nature to understand that hardship is coexisting with every aspect of life, whether it be simplistic, medial, or difficult there is a capacity for challenge. Oftentimes within novelization characters fall into deep woven plot lines wherein they are challenged profusely to conquer their inner most fears and adversaries. A prime example of this assertion is within Abraham Verghese’s novel Cutting For Stone, alongside Jessica…

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