Causes And Effects Of Female Genital Mutilation

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Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting Humane or Inhumane
In the United States we seem to not worry about Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting also known as FGM, because in our religious society we don’t see a need nor condone such acts. Truth of the matter is some cultures see the act of cutting or mutilating females genitals as a norm or necessity. In underdeveloped countries the usage of such act are so normal that they don’t view it as being barbaric or dangerous like we would here in the US.
There has been known acts of Female Genital Mutilation by immigrants here in the US, who have fled their country but still keep their countries practices and views. These unlawful procedures have so many unhealthy risk and side effects
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Female Genital Mutilation/ Cutting is also known as FGM/C. It involves the partial or total removal of the external genitals of girls and women. These procedures are often practiced due to religious beliefs, cultural environment, and sometimes for nonmedical reasons. These procedures are completed without regard to the aftermath and lasting effects that it has on the females body, effects that last for lifetimes both health wise and socially. Childbirth is extremely hard and complicated.
These procedures are done although it is knowingly violates the women’s human rights and is considered an act of violence.
What has the U.S. done to help?
In 1996, the United States Congress passed a law making the performance of FGM/C illegal and 23 states have joined by making laws against the practice as well. The U.S. has reached out globally to tackle the practice and prevent further usage. The U.S. has implemented rules and implemented a law restricting families from being able to send their daughters back to their home countries in an effort to be able to be cut. The rising number of immigration from the countries known to use the practice and risks of the females under going the procedures has caught the attention to law makers. The immigrants from countries known to
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alone 507,000 in 2013 had undergone the procedure or was still at risk of going under the procedure, which was twice the amount previously reported in 2000 due to the rise in immigration. (
What is causing the increase? The increasing numbers of women who has went through the procedure in the United States is rising due to the fact that immigrants are sending their daughters to their home countries in an effort to get cut. Other areas such as the sub- Saharan Africa has the most prevalent usage overall of the procedure, even though fifty-five percent of the U.S. numbers come from immigrants originally from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somalia.
The numbers for the United States are expected to rise as the foreign born population from Africa begins to increase. The rapid growth is the main reason developing countries are attempting to improve the issues and take the well being of the female population in higher consideration. Promoting gender equality, higher standards of living, and ending the harmful practices. (

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