Female Circumcision Research Paper

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It is horrifying to see what these women and young girls have had to endure when going through a female circumcision. In a few videos, articles and books I have read it explains that most of these girls have to be held down against their will to have this procedure done. What is female genital mutilation; also called female circumcision? It refers to a procedure that intentionally changes or causes injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. There are many reasons FGM is practiced. These things include but are not limited to; social, economic, and political reasons. Female genital mutilation is also known as FGM, and or female genital cutting. When these women undergo this procedure, it is carried out by a traditional circumciser …show more content…
There are also problems during labor and pregnancy. Infertility rates among women who have had FGC are as high as 25 to 30 percent (unfpa.org). Once a woman becomes pregnant; a woman can have a very difficult labor, bad bleeding, and/or infection. This will also cause distress to mother and baby. The numbers of young women who come to the United States from countries that practice FGC; United States doctors have begun caring for more patients who have been mutilated. Based on a study of 28,000 women in 6 African countries, FGC is related to cesarean section, post-partum hemorrhage, and episiotomy, extended hospital stays, the need for infant resuscitation, and death (unfpa.org). There are several types of cutting. The first is called clitoridectomy. This is when there is a total or partial removal of the clitoris and/or prepuce. The second type is called an excision; which is the removal or partial removal of the labia and the clitoris. The tissue that is removed varies from area to area. The third type is called infibulation. This is when they narrow the vaginal with a seal. This is caused by mutilating and re-positioning the labia. This can happen with or without the removal of the clitoris. The fourth type is when these procedures are done because of non-medical purposes. Lastly there is Deinfibulation and Reinfibulation. Reinfibulation is sewing the labia back together after Deinfibulation. Deinfibulation …show more content…
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention it shows that at least one hundred and fifty thousand girls in the United States are at risk of being forced to undergo FGM. The United States at risk for female genital mutilation increased over thirty percent between nineties and two thousands. Within the U.S. these women are often shrouded in silence. It is estimated that between 100 million and 140 million girls and women worldwide have received FGC (WomensHealth.gov). However; clitoridectomy was performed into the forty’s to treat masturbation, insanity, epilepsy, and hysteria. Clitoral excision shows cases as far back from the sixteenth century

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