Summary: The War On Female Genital Mutilation

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The War on Female Genital Mutilation The term “Social Injustice” is often referred to as the mistreatment of a group of people. Police brutality, the One-Child policy in China and human trafficking are just a few of many. Social Injustice can happen anywhere and anytime. It has on effect on everyone in some way. Whether it happen halfway across the world or nearby, it still has a negative impact on everyone. There has always been debate over US involvement in other country’s social injustices to help them stop the issue, and they should. A widespread issue is bettered contained and eliminated with more hands to help. Other countries may not have the same tools or resources as the US and may not be as effective without them. This could cause …show more content…
Whereas, they have seen immigrants from fleeing to the US to escape FGM, in some special cases they may be put on “refugee” or “asylum” status to protect them from them becoming a victim (USAID). The US also works with other countries to help them inform and warn travelers of the operation and may help them avoid the harmful practice (USAID). Women who have been granted refugee status are also offered a free health screening to make sure they are all in good health and to make sure that if they have been affected by FGM that they do not have any life threatening infections (USAID). The US also provides emotional support so that the women can recover in the correct environment that is necessary (USAID). The US has created specific programs such as the Violence Emergency Response and Protection Initiative , a group that is devoted to giving the survivors of intense trauma aid. Another program is the FGM Working Donors Group, who work together to find the best ways to stop Female Genital Cutting along with using outlets like social media to reach out and inform the youth at risk about the practice to help prevent it and to make survivors feel as if they are not alone (USAID). The USAID, or the United States Agency for International Development also supports the Nairobi Center of Excellence, a community based organization which provides health care and …show more content…
. The pain, psychological and health problems aren’t worth the risk. It causes harm with no benefits and does nothing for the woman being affected. Forcing someone to go through with the operation is one thing, but taking a away a basic human right is another, Most children are too young to defend themselves from their elders and don’t have a say in what happens to their bodies. The infections that are caused by the unsanitary practice are life threatening for the women, and if she is pregnant the fetus can die if the infection is transmitted (Albert, Bailey, Duaso 430). America is doing the right thing by getting involved, they are working with other countries and their organizations to help solve the issue together. Furthermore, they are coming up with new ideas and help fund other organization and programs who are working towards the same goal because they do not want to witness women go through such a horrible thing. They offer educational advice and inform girl about what Female Genital Mutilation is and how it can affect them (USAID). They are offering open arms to women who need help, no matter it be trying to avoid FGM or need support while recovering. The US is spreading awareness about the topic so it is more talked about and well know so that more and more people know what it is and join them in helping then stop it (USAID). They US is doing a great thing by getting

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