Human Rights: Democracy And Human Rights: Amnesty International

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Democracy and Human Rights: Amnesty International
Organizations from around the world are dedicating their time and effort in ensuring the end of human rights abuses and protecting the rights of people. The call for global democracy has seen human rights organizations initiating campaigns to document violations and advocating actions. Condemnation of abuses and public support is vital to their success. It is imperative to realize that human rights campaigns are only effective when the calls for reform are supported by strong public advocacy. Examples of global human rights organization include; Non-governmental organizations, Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), Human Rights Watch, and Amnesty International ( The aim
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It challenges human rights abuse wherever they occur. The organization is trusted in its independent and intellectual research through eyewitness reports, and testimonies. In addition, this information is cross-checked with reliable and trusted sources by experts. Consequently, this makes their work more valuable by international societies and government bodies. Amnesty has had a long-term commitment to deliver credible results hence saving the lives of many. The organization helped secure the International Criminal Court in 2002. The members of the campaign are globally recognized for their risks in protecting people from detention, torture, and other forms of abuse or harassment. It is also important to realize the impact the alliances have had with the campaign. Amnesty collaborates with other networks and organizations from across the world. It helps in amplifying the local voices on a global platform. The influence of the seven million members can exert an imperative amount of pressure on governments. Furthermore, Amnesty International is considered one of the most influential NGOs with a success story. The campaign work is achieved through individual members and volunteer networks from across the world. This signifies the strength, time and also money that the members give to Amnesty in order to ensure human rights advocacy …show more content…
The group has endured internal conflicts and turmoil despite its noble state. Given that the organization depends on donations from the public, the hefty salary payoffs of its committee sparked an outcry. Indeed, this money could have been used better to champion fights for Amnesty and human rights (Ghosh).

Recommendations to Make Amnesty International More Efficient • Increase the net income of the organization through public funding in order to support the campaign and its effectiveness. • Increase the ability to educate community organizations in order to raise awareness and achieve advocacy. • Increase the size of its members in other countries apart from America and the U.K • Increase the experience of women in the analysis of human rights plights • Develop strategic campaigning methods and planning in order to attain desirable and measurable results. • Improve the approach to monitor the progress of the campaigns. In addition, evaluate them and notify supporters of the progress • Invest massively in retaining and increasing the members • Increase accountability to allow for donor reporting • Increase alliances with other key international players • Recognize the media as a crucial component in the success of the

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