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  • The Great Train Robbery: Film Analysis

    Western’s a genre with a purpose For almost as long as the medium of filmmaking has existed so too has the Western first showcased in Edwin S. Porter film The Great Train Robbery. Though overall a simple film in retrospect the way in which it pushed the medium forward was revolutionary in containing a narrative. Cowboys are the initial American heroes of filmmaking which all others pull from; Westerns as a male focused genre the central genre trope of masculinity have been constructed on a cinematic level. Action heroes and noir films can be traced back to Europe either through the Sherlock Holmes books or mythic tales of heroism. The Western would also goon to instruct other genre’s such as Kurosawa’s samurai films. Through the years the…

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  • Pierce's Lifestyles In The Great Train Robbery

    In The Great Train Robbery, the social classes in London are very defined, and despite the fact that trains and railroads brought them together, their lives are still very different. Pierce has to come in contact with people from wealth and poverty, so, because of that, the distinctness between both lifestyles is shown. When Pierce needs to gain access to Mr. Trent’s key, he has to stalk him in order to find out his habits. By doing that it is revealed the lavish lifestyle that the Trents live.…

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  • Michael Crichton's The Great Train Robbery

    In Michael Crichton’s The Great Train Robbery, Edward Pierce manages to accomplish a robbery many believed to be impossible. Although Peirce was adamant on completing the robbery, the reader is never informed as to why. I believe Edward Pierce was able to commit the “robbery of the century” due to his sociopathic tendencies and his desperate need to get a thrill from life. Throughout The Great Train Robbery, Pierce displays a few traits of a textbook sociopath. Some of the signs of a sociopath…

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  • Edward Pierce's The Great Train Robbery

    Why would a “charming, highborn gentleman” like Edward Pierce want to commit a crime so “startling and titillating” as the Great Train Robbery? (Crichton 7). When Pierce was asked at his trial about his motive for “planning and executing this dastardly and shocking crime,” he simply answered that he “wanted the money” (Crichton 357). Pierce’s true motivation was caused by a simple desire; instead, it was caused by his character flaws of greed and egotism. Michael Crichton captured Edward…

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  • Train Robbery: The Life Of An American Fireman

    The appeal for a longer film with a more in-depth story was coming around. With the assistance of James H. White, Thomas Edison created a 500-foot-long length of film for a movie called, The Life of an American Fireman. This longer film was an immediate success and would lead the industry into an era of longer films. A motion picture, named The Train Robbery, was one of the most influential films for the motion picture industry. It was over 650 feet and had a story made up of 14 scenes.…

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  • Dalton Gang Essay

    of power, and gunslingers road around ensuing that a shootout or robbery was going to occur at any time. People did not feel secure with their justice system. They became forced to carry a gun with them at all times just to ensure their safety and the safety of their business. The Daltons gangs first train robbery in February 6, 1891 marked the beginning of the Dalton legacy. Frank Dalton the Deputy Marshall in a small town in Kansas was shot by some drunks drinking whiskey. This lead to his…

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  • The Plots In Buster Keaton's The General

    Train robberies, the Civil War and a damsel in distress. These are the major plots of Buster Keaton’s The General. The General premiered in 1926 and was written and directed by Buster Keaton and Clyde Bruckman. The film stars Keaton as train-loving, everyman, Johnny Gray and Marion Mack as Gray’s sweetheart, Annabelle Lee. The General monopolizes on the success of chase films such as The Great Train Robbery to create a film that seamlessly combines drama, action and comedy. In fact, these three…

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  • Challenges Of A Hero Policy

    If you manage to come out of a robbery safe and sound after you averted a theft, the way Blake did in scenario 2, your employer could fire you for violating company policy. In fact, your employee doesn’t need a reason to fire you if you’re an at-will employee. Employment-at-will can be exercised by any employer on any employee. According to Bredeson (2012), “Most employees in America are employees-at-will, which means that they can be fired at any time, for almost any reason.” While…

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  • Sam Bass Short Story

    He decided to start recruiting from the bar with the help of Joel. He recruited as much as four people. They rode on horseback to the closest town that has some sort of black market where you can buy handguns. The trained shooting in the plains for the first heist. It was the day of the big heist for the young men they rode to the tracks waiting for the train to come, this was their chance to start saving an amount of cash as much as $60,000 this train robbery was there first heist. In the…

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  • Rosseau Road Case Study

    It is Mr. Castleman and his buddies needing some supplies and to get any mail for the last time. They are heading back to Virginia by train early in the day. Dutifully, Henry obliges, but distrusts this man - after all one of his cooks had disappeared a few days before and another the year before. Hence, Henry demands to be payed in cash, which is not normal Deyett protocol. Mr. Castleman pays by the stylish way of obtaining the money from the band around his hat. Henry 's early morning sleep,…

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