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  • Mean Girls Movie Essay

    Movies are a huge part of our lives. They’re the easiest thing to watch when we’re bored, when it’s a cold and rainy day, and they’re the most common date choice. However, there is an abundance of movie we can all enjoy, although not all movies are worth watching. My all time favorite movie is “Mean Girls”. “Mean Girls” is an entertaining movie that combines all aspects of a classic film; an entertaining and dramatic plot, excellent cast, and memorable quotes. “Mean Girls” is centered around the typical high school clique drama. Cady Herron is the new girl in town that just moved from Africa. She has been homeschooled all her life and is then thrust into the vicious world of high school. Regina George, Gretchen Weiners, and Karen Smith make up the “It” clique, The Plastics, and they invite Cady to join their exclusive clique. Suddenly, Cady has to learn how to maneuver the feral and unpredictable world of “Girl World” and realizes how alike it is to the animal world she knew of in Africa. Things become even more complicated when Cady’s love interest turns out to be Regina’s ex-boyfriend (“Girl World” Rule Number 1 is you can never date an ex-boyfriend) and she becomes the new Queen Bee. How does Cady balance her morals with her desires of becoming popular? In short, how does everything work out? You’ll just have to watch the complete movie for that answer. No matter how good a movie’s plot may be, its cast is what truly makes the movie worth watching. “Mean Girls”…

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  • Elodea Lab

    ● Ice to fill the pan ● DI Water Method First, turn the hot plate on to start the heating process, careful not to touch it after it is on. Power on the computer and connect the gas pressure sensor to the interface (Lab Quest). Start the Logger Pro data collection software, if it is not already running, and choose New from the File menu. The software will identify the sensor and load a default data-collection setup. Now the system is ready to start…

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  • Emulsion Independent Research Project Paper

    solubility. Emulsions are part of two-systems of matter called colloids. Colloids are particles that cannot be seen without the use of a microscope, but are larger than the size of the individual molecules involved in the emulsion. Usually the combination of a water, or water like substance and a oil, or lipid based substance together. The mixture is mixed thoroughly, usually by means of mechanical force, like shaking, forming a solution, resulting in a homogenized solution.…

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  • Missoula Flood Causes

    Missoula Flood’s Course and Cause 4.) When ice covered almost all of North America, known as the ice age, water began to build up against a 2,500ft ice dam. Soon, when the water presure was at it’s highest, at 2,000ft in dept, the ice broke. This resulted in a catastrphic flood he size of Lake Erie and Onterio combined! The water swept over Eastern Washington moving from 30 to 50 mph. Dates- In 1923 the theory ws discovered. The ice dam formed more than 15,000 years ago. Course- The courses…

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  • Titric Acid Solutions Lab Report

    Part 1 - Making the solutions of the citric acid samples. Rinse all the apparatus very well before using them in the experiment while performing any step. To make the samples we need to take the sample and add distilled water to it so that there is decent amount of sample made for performing the experiment. The ratio of distilled water to the sample solution (pure) is 1:1. [Note: there wont be any change in the molarity of the sample as we are just increasing the volume by adding distilled…

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  • Golf Ball Experiment

    The purpose of this lab was to identify the amount of salt needed in the water to “flink”, the point at which an object sinks or floats, the golf ball in a salt solution. Flinking occurs when the object is neither sinking or floating, it appears as if it is suspended in the middle of the solution. To flink an object, the object’s density has to have the same as the density of the solution that it is placed into. To achieve the same density of both the salt solution and golf ball, manipulation of…

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  • Density Lab Report Essay

    density has grams per unit volume as a unit. To find the density of an object, the object has to be measured and its mass has to be divided by its volume. Often times, density is used to identify substances, since different elements have specific densities. This experiment is made up of two sections; the first section measures the density of water and the density of an unknown substance. If the procedure is performed correctly, the actual density of water will equal the theoretical density of…

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  • Copper Chloride Lab Report

    Those reactants combine together and produce different products including copper (II) chloride and sodium sulfate (Na2SO4). The two above reactions require certain industry equipment and should not be done in a lab that is why those synthesis methods are completed in the industrial area. But there are other reactions that can be done in a laboratory setting. The next method is used most of the time because it is likely the easiest way in the laboratory to produce CuCl2. It begins with copper…

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  • Gunsmithing Reflection Assignment

    he holds the barrel of a Remington 700 series rifle. It appears as if the rifle has definitely seen some cleaner days, in my opinion. This is a skill every gunsmith must be well versed in, in the field of gunsmithing. For this task, he must sand to a 320 grit, for the best results when it comes time to bluing. He shows the classic looking barrel, and compares it side by side to a hot water method blued barrel. The hot water has a glossy black to it, while…

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  • Narrative Essay About The Guardian Mermaids

    Deep below the surface of the Pacific ocean, there was city hidden. Where nobody would or could see, where magical creatures that no one could ever know. when they're once live the guardian mermaids of Shallow waves. Lunabelle Lunabelle where are you?! My mother yelled. I Stop Make little water bubbles, With my hand. I always wonder why, why do I have this power and how?.I had just gotten This power on my 14th birthday and I felt I was different but so different that I’ll have something so…

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