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  • Creative Writing: The Pumpkin Patch

    Once upon a time there was an itty-bitty pumpkin named Rox. Rox was intelligent, curious, and shy. Rox was cut off his vine too early and put in the back of a truck to be delivered to a pumpkin patch. Rox was boarded into the truck bed and his heart began to pound frantically when he realized how much smaller he was than the other pumpkins. The truck took Rox and the others to Pumpkin Acres, a pumpkin patch with 100 acres of pumpkins, corn mazes, games, and a petting zoo. Rox was amazed by the massive area he was foreign to. His adventurous side got the best of him and off he went to explore and discover. But as Rox rolled along the bigger pumpkins who ruled the patch began to tease him. “Why are you so tiny?” “What’re you doing here? You aren’t like us.” “They must’ve made a mistake, you don’t belong here.” As they chanted, Rox tried to keep his emotions under control as he continued rolling to explore the hay ride and baseball field along the dirt path. Little had Rox know that he was being followed by the “bully pumpkins,” Butch, Randy, and Bruce. Everyone in the patch feared these pumpkins, they were the meanest and they ruled over Pumpkin Acres. Butch was the leader, he was heartless, rude, and demanding. Randy and Bruce have been followers of Butch for a long time, they weren’t as cold, but tried to be just like Butch. “I’m as tall as this tractor wheel!” Randy remarked Bruce smirked, “I’m wider than the wheel!” “I am not only taller than this wheel, but wider too,”…

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  • Power Train Essay

    What is power train? In context to automobile engineering, the term power train is explained as the integral component that generates power and delivers it to the road surface, water, or air. It consists of engine, differentials, transmission, drive shafts, and the final drive. In a simple language, it is defined as “A train which comprises of gears and shaft for transmitting power from an engine.” Or “An assembly of gears and associated parts by which power is transmitted from an engine to a…

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  • How To Make A Mousetrap Essay

    resistance. I searched around my house for things I could use as wheels. First I thought about using the tin lids off old spaghetti cans but the lids had little lips in them so that idea went into the trash. Then I went out in the garage because I knew that my mom had kept some old toys that me and my brother played with when we were little. BINGO! I found an old plastic tractor that I that I could tear the wheels and axles off But what could I put the rear axle in so it spun freely and then…

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  • Explain How Do You Adjust The Pulling Force Of The Mousetrap

    1. How do you adjust the pulling force of the mousetrap? Adjusting the length of the snapper will change the pulling force—making something move as it goes in a certain direction. Making the snapper on the mousetrap longer will decrease the pulling force and a shorter snapper will increase it. …

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  • Explain What Simple Machines Did You Incorporate Into Your Nifty Lifting Machine

    1. What simple machines did you incorporate into your nifty lifting machine? In the nifty lifting machine Kenny, Kaylee and Josh used three simple machines. The group used a pulley system as the first simple machine. The pulleys are what allowed lifting the 600 gram can up the five centimeters. The group also used a wheel and axle, which is the crank that was used to pull up the cans. The wheel is the handle that turns axle, which is the dowel rod the group used to tie the rope around. Then,…

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  • Reducing Costs: Functional Components

    MANUFACTURING COSTS: Functional Elements: The baby stroller is mainly composed of three materials: Nylon (woven, as fabric) Plastic (injection molded, for plastic parts) Steel (tubing, for frame) Fasteners are included in the assembly of different components of the strollers. The stroller would have to be manufactured on an assembly line. The fabric weaving and seat making, the plastic molding and the frame can simultaneously be manufactured in their respective work areas. Following are…

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  • Mousetrap Car Lab Report

    Each hole should be 1 inch away from the end of the wood therefore, there should be four inches of wood between each hole. Make sure each hole is large enough for the axle to fit in without being able to rotate too much. Once all of the holes are drilled match the two…

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  • Hydraulics Case Study

    gear assy. Parts, rear axle assy. Parts and engine etc) are brought in the logistics area. These parts are given by different vendors set by the company. • Metal sheets from which main frames, rear frames, boomers/dippers are to be welded are moved to the fabricated shop. • Engines are moved to skid sub assembly line and the gears & rear-axle parts are moved to transmission line. Fabrication shop: • In fabrication shop, welding of different parts of (3DX backhoe loader), the product which is…

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  • Crank Arms Case Study

    2. Crank Arms The crank arms presented here have never been evaluated experimentally. All discussions on performances are speculative only. Four crank arms are presented here. They all have the following characteristics. 1. Each arm comprises two bars. 2. The first bar, identified as Bar A, has a cavity to hold the second bar. 3. The second bar, Bar B, is fully or partly inside the cavity in Bar A. The crank arms differ from each other in the shapes of Bar A, and in whether Bar B has a pin. In…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mousetrap Car

    a hook on the axle and supper glued that to the far left of the axle. I then took of the string and made a loop so it would wrap around the zip tie. wound it up and then begain my trials. FIrst trial I did the mouse trap car went fairly well, but there was too much strking so I whent and trimmed that up, and as the result of that it went faster but was more crooked, I didnt change anything and set it up for another trial and then it shot backwards which really confused me and i didnt figure out…

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