Power Train Essay

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What is power train?
In context to automobile engineering, the term power train is explained as the integral component that generates power and delivers it to the road surface, water, or air. It consists of engine, differentials, transmission, drive shafts, and the final drive. In a simple language, it is defined as “A train which comprises of gears and shaft for transmitting power from an engine.” Or “An assembly of gears and associated parts by which power is transmitted from an engine to a driving axle “
If we see in a broader sense, the power-train consists all of that components which is used to transform stored (potential, kinetic, chemical, solar, nuclear, etc.) energy into kinetic energy.

Internal combustion engines often
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• Compression ignition engine (CI engine or Diesel engine) :- These are mainly used in large vehicles and industrial systems
• Gas turbine: - These are mainly used in aircrafts due to its high power/weight ratio and it can also be used for stationary power
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• It helps in providing a varied speed between the engine and the drive wheels.
• It helps in providing a means to transfer power in opposite direction.
• It helps in enabling power transmission at varied angles and varied lengths.
• It also helps in enabling speed reduction between engine and the drive wheels in the ratio of 5:1.
• It helps in enabling diversion of power flow at right angles.
• It helps in providing necessary means to drive the driving wheels at different speeds when required.
• It helps in resisting the effect of torque reaction, driving thrust and braking effort effectively.

Comparison between Manual transmission and Automatic transmission

Manual transmission Automatic transmission

• Vehicles with manual transmission are usually

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