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  • Amber Alert Speech

    How many kids have been rescued because of amber alerts? The U.S. Department of Justice says that “881 children rescued specifically because of AMBER Alert” Today I’ll be talking about AMBER alerts In my speech I’ll be telling you about what the AMBER Alert is and why it’s called amber alert, what it’s supposed to be for, and the criteria is to issue an AMBER alert My first point is, what is AMBER Alert and why is it called that? Why is it called amber alert? According to the U.S. Department of justice, the AMBER Alert stands for America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. The AMBER alert was also named after Amber Hagerman, who was nine years old who went missing Now you know what the AMBER alert is and how it started I’ll tell you what…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Missing Children

    the case; however, it should never be ruled out. Instead, Commander Dickson of the D.C. Metropolitan Police department claimed that the majority of missing children of color are typically runaways, which many people claim is the reason why these cases of missing children lack the sufficient effort and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, runaway children are regarded as less critical than those who are kidnapped. This offers a reason as to why they are usually not publically broadcasted as…

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  • Aerobic Physical Activity

    When talking about older people in terms of physical activity it refers to peoples aged 65 or over. The guidelines for physical activity for older people are stated as . Adults aged 65 years and above should carry out moderate intensity exercise for around 150 minutes this exercise should be aerobic physical activity done every week, on the other hand elderly people could complete about 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise or physical activity and this should also be aerobic and this can…

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  • The Influence Of Music In Politics

    candidates. One of the most obvious cases of this in recent years came in 2007 when the popular YouTube channel BarelyPolitical debuted their Obama Girl character. The channel’s first viral hit, an original music video called “I Got a Crush on Obama,” comedically told the story of a woman who was attracted to the then presidential candidate not only because she found him to be good looking, but also because she agreed with his politics. Lyrics such as “You’re into border security/let’s break…

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  • My Professor's Definition Of A Computer

    prompted me to choose three security questions and answers. It is this information that will be used to verify my identity, if I should ever need to reset my password. Signing up for the CCBC password reset portal provides the user with the ability to reset their own password without having to wait for the helpdesk. It provides the user with the ability to unlock the computer if they become locked out of it. It provides the user with the ability to update any changes in contact details 7. Rave…

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  • Ambr Alert Research Paper

    Slatton-McCoy September 18, 2017 Comp. 1 5th Hour Exemplification Essay AMBER Alert Effectiveness Amber Rene Hagerman was nine years old when she was abducted while riding her bike in 1996. Without luck of finding her, her family and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) found her dead five days later. In honor of Amber, the AMBER Alert child abduction prevention system was activated (Peters). There is quite a bit of debate on whether the system is effective or not. Statistics in general…

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  • Miniature Leadless Innovation

    Security is working on a new automated system for public and private entities to use. The automated system will be made “available to every computer… that needs protection”, according to Phyllis Schneck, deputy undersecretary for cyber security. Additional to electronic and online resources being made safer, the alert and warning systems applied to mobile devices has proven to be effective and saved lives. The warning system in cellular devices consists of alerts of natural disasters near the…

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  • Why Is Technology Wrong

    One of this app is that of a traffic alert apps. People may not know that Indiana Department of Transportation have developed a computer program that can tell driver about a traffic jam and provide them a alter route to take. This app is important as it notification warning about the traffic accident that have happen in the area or on a freeway, or slow traffic stop that in the area. This is very useful information as it can change a people's decision in taking a route. It is also helpful as it…

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  • Amber Pasztor Case Study

    Amber Pasztor, a 29 year old female from Fort Wayne, Indiana, kidnapped her 7 year old daughter and her 6 year old son from her parents, who had custodial rights, home on September 26, 2016. Once Pasztor obtained knowledge about the Amber Alert for her children, she then murdered the two kids. This isn’t the only offense that Pasztor has committed. She was charged with a plethora of cases involving criminal trespassing and invasion of privacy. Pasztor’s mental state has been questioned because…

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  • Follow The Leader/Victoria Song Analysis

    "Did Y/N get here y-" Her question stops short as she notices your condition. "What did you three idiots do to Y/N?" Victoria interrogates. "W-w-we were p-playing follow the l---" Luna begins through fits of laughter. "And then Krystal p-p-put a water bottle on her foot and fell while doing a c-cart-cartwheel." Victoria raises an eyebrow. "That's easy though." Amber shimmies the water bottle off her toe before offering it to Victoria. Accepting the challenge, Victoria takes off…

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