Aerobic Physical Activity

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When talking about older people in terms of physical activity it refers to peoples aged 65 or over. The guidelines for physical activity for older people are stated as . Adults aged 65 years and above should carry out moderate intensity exercise for around 150 minutes this exercise should be aerobic physical activity done every week, on the other hand elderly people could complete about 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity exercise or physical activity and this should also be aerobic and this can be don’t during one week. But Aerobic activity should be completed in little chunks which last for about 10 minutes each time they exercise.
There can be other health benefits that adults aged 65 years and over would be able to achieve by increasing
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There are many studies to suggest that physical activity and exercise can prevent such disorders and have an all round positive effect on mental health. A primary review article (G.ravagilla At el 2007) which objectives were to see what effect physical activity had on the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It was carried out on 749 older adult (65 and over) adults, they found that physical activity was associated with lower risk of vascular dementia, suggesting that physical activity can help prevent mental health issues but it found no association with lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Evidence has also suggested that physical activity can help to reduce things like depression to a certain extent although over training can sometimes bring it on so it has to be varied. Physical activity has been found to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. (Gorgman 2000) also (Danielle Laurin 2001) has found results to show that physical activity in older people can reduce the chances of developing dementia in later life. The main reason Government are so worried about mental health issues are because they affect millions worldwide. Disorders like depression and anxiety affect lots of people it is thought that up 50% of people will develop a mental health issue at some point in their life and …show more content…
Dennis T villareal AtEl (2006) looked at the risk factor of CHD increasing with BMI and how lifestyle Interventions like Physical activity, Exercise and change in diet can reduce the risk. Lifestyle interventions are often promoted by the government for example change for life which encourages a healthier lifestyle with more physical activity and a improved balanced diet. All subjects in this study were 65 or over. Results showed that those in the treatment group who carried out the physical activity had a 8.4% reduction in body weight and also plasma glucose was reduced as well as fatty acids improving health as less fat is stored in the body. Subjects with metabolic syndrome in the treatment group decreased significantly by 59% showing physical activity and other life style changes can not only help prevent disease by physical changes in the body meaning healthier organs but can also help combat older people who may already have diseases. Other articles agree with the fact physical activity can help prevent disease for example (Appel LJ) carried out a trial to see what effect a 12 week moderate intensity aerobic exercise programme would have on blood pressure in older adults. Was carried out on sedimentary subjects and blood pressure was measured during screening visits and every two weeks during the programme. There was an overall

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