Persuasive Essay On Missing Children

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Recently, there has been a spotlight placed on the issue of missing children of color in the Washington, D.C. area after the Washington D.C.’s police department most recent Twitter campaign provided the public with information of recent missing children’s cases in order to help locate the missing children. This campaign took on a new purpose once the public took note of the sudden multitude of missing children tweets, and many people assumed this was a sudden epidemic never before seen in the D.C. area. In reality, there has not been a sudden increase of missing children in the D.C. area. In fact, the number of cases has declined in comparison to previous years. This statistic is fortunate; however, the fact that there are still missing children …show more content…
Although many automatically place the blame on sex trafficking, law enforcement makes the claim that this is commonly not the case; however, it should never be ruled out. Instead, Commander Dickson of the D.C. Metropolitan Police department claimed that the majority of missing children of color are typically runaways, which many people claim is the reason why these cases of missing children lack the sufficient effort and attention they deserve. Unfortunately, runaway children are regarded as less critical than those who are kidnapped. This offers a reason as to why they are usually not publically broadcasted as often as the missing children whose cases meet the criteria of a kidnapping and receive Amber Alerts as well as media attention. The D.C. department most certainly tried to combat this problem through their social media campaign, but the public demands more. More departments need to find ways to inform the public of missing youth. In addition, many are calling for a reform in the criteria required for an Amber Alert since every missing child case is different but should be afforded the same type of attention despite probable

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