Persuasive Essay On Foster Children Unadoptable

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Foster Children Deemed Unadoptable
Lisa is a teen who has been in foster care since she was born. She was placed in foster care because her parents sexually, physically, and emotionally abused her. Lisa has severe anxiety and anger issues because of this. Her issues worsened when she was placed in foster care because she did not know if she could trust her new foster parents. Many times, Lisa could not trust her foster parents because many of them did what Lisa’s biological parents did to her. Lashing out, screaming and stealing property has become a way of life for Lisa. Because of these behaviors, no one wanted to adopt her. When she was little, she used to dream of being adopted and being tucked into bed and sung to sleep. For a time, she
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One day some child that was in the welfare system deemed unadoptable will decide to seek revenge, and that is a traumatic event for them but also a traumatic event for the rest of the nation because loved one could be lost. Children who are deemed unadoptable are deemed unadoptable because many experts on adoption believe that the children will suffer identity issues and not make it in life because they cannot figure out who they are. The children in the welfare system who are adoptable and find good homes are more successful than those who do not. Children who are categorized as unadoptable is important to our nation because children who are in the welfare system are suffering and that suffering is unaddressed. Many of the kids who suffer will grow up with so much turbulence that they will create turbulence in the rest of society. The children who are in long term foster care will have little to no respect for American authority or authority in general because they may feel that because our nation did not care about them. Then why should they care about the nation? This is a thought that Lisa had about herself, but many foster children will blame their trauma and the unavailability to be able to receive help for their problems on the

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