Narrative Essay On Being Kidnapped

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As crime rates continue to grow, there is one crime many parents fear. Their child being kidnapped and never found. Kidnaped is someone taking you away by force. The chances of you being kidnapped is higher in a populated urban area than in a countryside. For example, in today’s culture, movies and television series displays many kidnaping. The most famous kidnaping movie is titled “Taken”. In Taken, the daughter of Bryan Mills was abducted from a hotel in later found in London. Bryan Mills had gone on a rampage, killing anyone who tried to delay his findings of his daughter. With the help of witnesses and cameras, it was like putting a puzzle together. Similar to the Case of Elizabeth Bright. Elizabeth was a five-year-old girl who was kidnapped in …show more content…
A few days later when my father arrived at home from dropping off deliveries in Iowa, he came back to an empty house. No one was home, all our clothing was missing, and our dog Rocky was gone. He called my mom and left a voicemail saying, “the house has been robbed”! I didn’t have a connection with him for 3 months straight. The only way he found my brothers and I was by coming to each of our schools. All we did was move 15 minutes away. But, without my mom saying anything about it, it seemed like we were missing. Just like how my mom kidnaped us from our dad, and he wasn’t able to find us, imagine how hard it’s to find somebody who is actually kidnapped. The kidnapper can have the kid or person a few minutes away with you know.
In “The Shadow of a Stranger”, Wally Lamb said, “I pulled over to the curb and rolled down the window. “I’m Jareds’ dad,” I told her. “Do you kids want a ride?” This is more likely to happen in an urban area than the countryside. In the countryside, you would hitch hike for a free ride. Hitch hiking consists of standing on the side of the road with your finger out waiting for a ride. Many cases result in death

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