Donnie Darko

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  • Donnie Darko: Film Analysis

    Cold breeze rushes through the trees as the morning sun rises. Feels as if we are being knitted downward onto the dirt trail where Donnie lays. He then sits himself up, you can tell by the look on his face that he is confused and unaware of his unconcerned journey. “Where was he going and why?” This is the first question we asks ourselves when we discover Donnie Darko. This scene from Donnie Darko became part of my subconscious. I began contemplate where Donnie Darko was going and why. I became so intrigued with the character of Darko, I became engrossed in solving the mystery of films. I thought about what the director wanted his audience know and why. Watching movies is a hobby for me but I didn't start really paying attention to…

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  • Censorship And Dystopian Movies

    So, if we follow determinism, deduced from the presence of a God, then there is no free will, because it would otherwise contradict. All this meaning that there is no individualism only the illusion of one. Donnie realizes this in the movie, and he begins to see life as trivial, yet at the end he comes to peace with this realization. This peace maybe from the realization that life is not trivial because even if there is a set path, humans are programmed to feel and believe in free will. Donnie,…

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  • Summary: The Importance Of Props In Film

    Throughout all four films, the narrative's perspective is in the main character. From the opening scene, the narrative's perspective is in the main character. In these four films, there are a lot of important characters, however, the perspective is almost always in the main character. For example, in Donnie Darko, it is always in Donnie's perspective, as it portrays his journey in the parallel universe, and how he feels, what he thinks and does, and how he is oblivious about the fact that he is…

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  • Mommie Dearest Character Analysis

    Throughout the film Donnie is accompanied constantly by a figure dressed in a disfigured rabbit suit, whom he names Frank. Although Frank is a figment of Donnie’s imagination, Donnie believes that Frank controls him, forcing him to speak outlandishly in school and even attending Donnie’s date with him. The dialogue between the two characters is similar to one between two friends, however, no other person in the film can see Frank, so it appears as if Donnie converses, and even argues, with…

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  • Before Humanities 210: Philosophies And Views

    in class to better understand film and to enrich your life and your conversations with others? Answer: Much like theater, I enjoy many various genres of film. I have a desire to experience many different types of film by choice. Choosing to be exposed to all types of film, and not just those that reflect my own philosophy, may increase the knowledge base that I use to interact with others. Mostly, I enjoy documentaries, which I attribute to my constant seeking of knowledge. I place a high…

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