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  • Medical Terminology

    Physicians, pharmacists, nurses, support services such as therapies and dietitians, technologists, councillors, social work, sterile processing, and phlebotomy are only some of the occupations that use medical terminology. Although to a much lesser degree, medical terminology has a part in housekeeping by describing illnesses housekeepers need to be aware of prior to entering and or cleaning isolated patient rooms for patient and staff safety as well as knowing which chemicals are effective to clean after which diseases. While medical assistants, unit clerks, transcriptionists, medical billers and coders among many administration occupations rely heavily on their knowledge of medical terminology. As mentioned before, medical terminology helps the staff and different departments…

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  • How To Write A Case Study: Blujay Aviation

    BluJay Aviation Ivan V. Paulino Embry Riddle Aeronautical University MGMT 210 Max Profits Consulting Firm Dear Wren McKeemon & Brad Castanada BluJay Aviation, We here at Max Profits Consulting Firm are grateful for the opportunity to provide recommendations to your company, “BluJay Aviation”. We have been in the consulting business for over 20 years; we fully expect to meet your needs and concerns. We intend to provide unbiased and educated commendations to BluJay Aviation by…

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  • External Consultant Case Study

    As one who has been an external consultant in the past, experience would say that internal consultant 's would be able to make a better impact on a company then external consultants. An internal consultant may have limited perceptions and may be a part of the company already. They may add a different approach to how something is done because they have seen it done in the past and have applied the techniques themselves. They are also expected to have an in-depth knowledge on what the company…

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  • IT Consultant Research Paper

    Being and Information Technology(IT) Consultant Consultants can play a major role in the decision-making process within an organization. Consulting activities are available in just about every facet of organizations and depend heavily on the area of expertise that is required to solve the problem at hand. With this fact in mind, it is important that the consultant does not blindly provide advice for problems that are outside of their areas of expertise doing so could hurt your reputation and…

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  • Ethical And Legal Dilemmas In Nursing

    Many nurses are faced with ethical and legal dilemmas constantly in the health care setting. We as nurses need to understand the laws that pertain to our scope of practice and respect our patient’s decisions whether they interfere with our own personal views. Ethical dilemmas become more problematic when you take into consideration that each nurse has their own personal set of ethics depending on what they see as wrong and right. Nurses spend a lot of time with the patient and it allows them to…

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  • Malpractice Case: Alterations In The Emergency Department

    reasonably prudent nurse under the same or similar circumstances. Departure from the professional standards of nursing care for the first admission to the emergency department included the following deviations: · Failure to assess Cindy Black comprehensively upon discharge · Failure to assess the patient systematically for the duration of the emergency department…

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  • Expert Witness In Nursing

    One of the major types of nurse entrepreneur is legal nurse consultant (LNC). LNC refers to registered nurse that applies acquired knowledge from nursing education, training and extensive clinical experience to function as a healthcare provider which attains the capability to evaluate the standard of care, identify problems and develop solutions through specialized training that focuses on the consultation related to medical-legal claims. LNCs are trained to solve complicated situations,…

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  • Nurse Consultant Case Study

    Expert Nurse Consultants and Testimony At Litigation Legal Insight, or Litili, we partner with nurses and doctors who are available for expert testimony, consultations, and a variety of other legal matters. Our nurse consultants are able to provide support services concerning a variety of litigation resulting from medical negligence, patient rehabilitation, medical record investigation, and emergency care management. When hiring a nurse consultant, they should be able to give an expert opinion…

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  • Forensic Nurse

    A forensic nurse is a nurse that provides specialized care for patients who have been victimized and/ or perpetrators of trauma both intentional and unintentional, also known as forensic and a nurse combined. According to the role goes far beyond medical care. Forensic nurses collect evidence, provide medical testimony for court and consults with legal authorities. The career of a forensic nurse will be reviewed based on job responsibilities, the work environment, types of…

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  • Forensic Nurse Essay

    Forensic clinical nurse specialists hold a master’s or doctoral forensic nursing degree and use their advanced training to serve as expert clinicians, teachers, researchers, consultants and administrators in different forensic settings. They may work in emergency rooms, sexual assault examination programs, psychiatric forensic treatment units or death investigation teams. More often, forensic nurses work within medical facilities assisting patients who come into clinics and hospitals.…

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