Media bias in the United States

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  • Mass Media Bias In The United States

    Since the time when mankind could put two syllables together, people have voiced their opinions. When mass media started as newspapers and pamphlets, people have been able to spread their opinions to over a wide population. Since then, the media has evolved and grown into a writhing beast spewing opinions and facts indiscriminately with no regard as to which is truth and which is nonsense. The media in the United States creates a blanket of fear over the population of the country and often induces mass panic across the nation. Media bias occurs when a form of media outlet begins to distort the truth and facts based on the collective beliefs, political advantages, or financial advantages distorting the truth it will bring. This could be a…

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  • Multiple Mass Media Bias In The United States

    create disdain for them by the reader; and finally, bias by spin, or when there is only “one interpretation of an event or policy” (“Media Bias”). All of these types of media bias change the way that information is received. Instead of hearing or reading an informative article, the media alters it so that it is clearly favorable to one side or another. These methods of media bias can strongly influence the public's comprehension of current events and lead to them changing their stance on certain…

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  • Media And Media Bias

    The question “are media in the United States politically biased?” has persisted for many decades. Findings on different media effects, such as the hostile media phenomenon, have helped work toward an answer to this long-lasting question. The hostile media phenomenon (HMP) is “the tendency for people who are highly involved in an issue to see news coverage of that issue as biased, particularly as biased against their own point of view” (Choi, Yang & Chang, 2009) Research regarding the existence…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Parties

    The political parties have been part of the United States government for as long as anyone can remember, but the question is: should they be? There are multiple perspectives on this, one being that political parties benefit the system, another being that political parties are the problem. As a country, it’s not often considered that we could be doing something wrong --especially in government -- but it’s time to open our minds and consider it. Long before many can actually remember, George…

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  • Political Correctness Analysis

    “Some people believe the possibility of giving offense… to be more important than stating the truth…” Dr. Dutton touches on a point that is all too true in our society today. The fact is, people are going to think that you are racist, sexist, or maleficent if you are not politically correct. This does more damage than benefit, for political correctness was created to help bring awareness to what people state , so as to not publicly offend others. Rather than using Political Correctness as it was…

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  • Why Anxiety Is Good For You

    markets: The United States, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. The cover image and graphics often vary for each issue depending on the country it is released in and this tactic was no exception in December of 2011. While the foreign markets received a cover highlighting the Egyptian Revolution, which was perhaps the most important global story at the time, the US cover boasted an image of an innocently drawn character with a headline that read, “Why Anxiety is Good for You”. The obvious…

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  • Persistent Media Bias Analysis

    Persistent Media Bias by David P. Baron, found in the Journal of Public Economics, discusses the impact media bias has had on journalism and the stories that make it to news broadcasting organizations, as well as reviewing statistical data presented by the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) in regard to media bias. The thesis of the article is that bias has two effects on news stories; due to media bias, individuals are left more skeptical of information presented by news sources,…

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  • Essay On Minorities In The Media

    There is no greater manipulator in the United States than the media. Ranging from radio, television, newspapers, and the internet, they reach out to the vast majority of the United States population. As a result, they shape the thoughts and opinions of many Americans. The media is a broad field that employs millions. Given the tremendous influence they have over American citizens, it only makes sense that the media should be a fair representation of the American people. However, like many other…

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  • The Liberal Media Exposed Summary

    In the 2007 passage titled “The Liberal Media Exposed”, the author argues that there is a strong, growing liberal bias which dominates the media. Meanwhile, The Nation columnist and independent weblogger for Eric Alterman contradicts this argument in the 2003 article “What Liberal Media?”, asserting that conservatives are extremely well represented in every facet of the media. Although Alterman uses a quotation which states that “the liberal press is much larger”, he argues that the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of The Press

    The Cons of Freedom of the Press The first amendment of the United States’ Constitution states that all people have the right to a free press. Within this right, all people have the right to upload and print out anything that they deem important so long as it remains within the boundaries of the Libel Law. The number one purpose of this right it to supply America and its citizens with information, however, in its number one purpose is where it falters. The Freedom of the Press hinders the truth…

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