Guillaume Dufay

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  • L Homme Armé: Music Analysis

    around the 10th century near Burgundy, east-central France and later discovered in the 14 century. Although the cantus firmus L’homme armé formed the basis for masses of the renaissance era, this French secular song continues to inspire composers of the 21st century. Guillaume DuFay (c.1397- 1474), a native of the Cambrai…

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  • Exposure And Does It Matter Analysis

    How do poets Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon present their ideas of war in their poems, Exposure and Does It Matter? Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon are two famous war time poets, who conveyed their first-hand experiences of war through the form of poems to enlighten people towards the reality of war, as shown in “Exposure” and “Does It Matter?”. Exposure is an emotionally powerful poem that expresses the reality of the brutal weather conditions that were endured by the soldiers in the…

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  • Greason De Machaut Analysis

    The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Guillaume de Machaut There are many unknown things can be about Guillaume de Machaut, but one thing for sure he embodied the 14th century artistically. Guillaume de Machaut was born around 1300 somewhere near Réthel in the Champagne of France. The ordinary mass has come a long way since it was created. Guillaume de Machaut created the first polyphonic cycle by a single composer, Messe de Nostre Dame was revolutionary not only because it was the first polyphonic…

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  • Music During The Middle Ages

    words combine to form representation of images. Composers tired to craft the music to express their feelings. A composer Josquin wrote a song called “Ave Maria Virgo Serena,” and there were men and women singing with no instruments. In the Rennesance, the motet is sacred and in the Middle Ages, the motet is secular. The mass was the most widely approach in music. The most popular set of prayers was the ordinary mass. Likewise, the Reformation was in 1521 when Martin Luther was a movement away…

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