How Long Is The Ted Talk Adora Svitak

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The following worksheet needs to be completed for the Bonus Assignment in BA 1500, Fall 2016. Answer the questions completely and use concepts from class to respond to the questions. If any of the questions are not answered, the assignment will be not be evaluated.

1. What is your name and section number (e.g., 100, 101)? Ashley Braun BA1500-101

2. What Ted Talk did you watch? What is the URL (copy the link to this document)? 3. Who is the speaker in the Ted Talk? Adora Svitak

4. How long is the Ted Talk? 8 Minutes and 5 seconds

5. Summarize the Ted Talk in 1-2 sentences: A young girl named Adora who explained why people should not be categorized by
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How does the speaker introduce his or her credibility? Was he/she effective? Why or why not? She starts off by giving examples of what children have done to impact the world for example Ann Frank with the Holocaust and Charlie Simpson raising over 100 thousand dollars for Haiti. Adora was very effective in showing her credibility.

7. How does the speaker introduce the presentation? What elements of an effective introduction are followed (according to our class lecture) and which elements are ignored? Is it an effective introduction? Adora introduces the presentation by asking a question. She talks about how kids are called childish and also starts off by giving examples to why age has nothing to do with decision-making or behaviors. She really brings the attention from the audience by facts and how she really shows her love for this topic by the enthusiasm in her voice.

8. How is the overall presentation organized? Does the speaker provide a clear organizational structure? Is it effective or ineffective? She starts off by giving examples of what adults have done and what children have done. Then she starts giving examples of the behaviors and attitudes of adults and how they underestimate children. The last half is of Adora explaining how she got a laptop when she was 6 years old and wrote over 300 stories. She wanted them published, but people would not allow her stories to be published because she was a child. Adora did not stop trying and she found someone who would publish
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In what ways does the speaker practice effective delivery skills? How does his/her nonverbal communication shape the effectiveness of the presentation? Her tone in her voice gets louder when things need to be heard or are very important. The tone helps keep the audience engaged because when she says something super important she uses a strong, loud, and faster tone, which then the audience always claps afterwards. Adora does an amazing job with nonverbal communication by using facial expressions and by using eye contact with the audience. This really helps keep the audience engaged more and showing that they really care about what she is

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