What Are External Influences

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External influences can change everyone’s day to day life. Everyone may have different influences that change how they are, but all influences form who you are. It doesn’t matter how much you feel that you can’t be affected by the outside world, or how what’s going on in the white house has nothing to do with you because you live in a small town in Vermont, when it has everything to do with you, and no matter how much you wish it wouldn’t affect your life, it will. Because like what Julian Baggini says in his ted talk, if you were to take away all these external influences, you wouldn’t have a personality, and you wouldn’t be you. External influences can change the way you live, your daily life, your perspective on the world and the way you wish to live. …show more content…
Having a computer in your pocket that has the ability to call, text, and find anything on the internet that you could ever want to know can change who you are and shape you as a person. It creates this reliance to your phone, you have a certain trust in your phone for emergencies, like if you were in need to call someone because you’re stuck somewhere and your phone is dead, but you don’t remember anyone’s phone number because they are just always at your fingertips. It changes how you watch the battery life on your phone and you remember the numbers of the people who would be the ones to come and rescue you. Being able to look anything up online can enable your lifestyle to turn onto the lazier side of things. You wouldn’t have to work as hard for things. In the article we read in class about technology affecting our daily life it talks about how having voice operated control in your phone (Siri, Alexa, etc), isn’t helping people learn speaking skills with other people. If they are constantly talking to their phone and not trying to make real friends they won’t develop the same social skills as everyone else. Technology is just one more thing that makes you,

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