Cell Phones: An Argumentative Analysis

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Smartphones will remain for a long time. These little computers we all bear in our pockets throughout the day, consistently presenting new updates and newly design features every year, which means new users will be "hooked" to buy a smartphone. This is uplifting news for Apple, Google, Samsung, HTC, and the various companies profiting from smartphones. Over the past couple years, the number of people who uses a smart phone has been expanding rapidly. As indicated by the Pew Research Center, “about 64 percent of Americans owned smart phones in October 2014” (Smith 5). It has been expected to increase its numbers due to the popularity of smart phones as one statistic website mention that in 2019 about 236.8 million people will likely own a smart …show more content…
Cell phones are distractors, which conceivably diminish work productivity and keep individuals off-task. With a gadget that fits into your pocket and can do so much, it makes sense that people constantly check emails, play games, send text messages, use social media and surf the Web. This cuts down the time spent concentrating on business projects. Furthermore, cell phone users regularly play with the gadget between conferences and seminars, instead of focusing on the important stuff. Cell phones are additionally addictive. People that have subscribed themselves through social media had made their phone full of alerts which makes them want to keep on checking their news feed. This can distract people from doing important things, especially adolceneces and young adults going to school when they are suppose to study for an exam or doing their homework. What's more, there is a possibility that people who miss that chance of not texting someone back or replying an email will make them want to stay up late, as they will hope to answer all of their inbox and make up for lost time with a friend. The negative impacts made people have less sleep, made it hard to focus, and made it hard to communicate with friends without informing them. Since you have to constantly have to text your friends to come over because if you don't they don't even bother. By changing these types of habits we must know our limitations. I mention before that smartphone is here to stay so we must teach ourselves that smartphones cannot take our

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