Smartphone Adoption

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Smartphone adoption has increased mobile phone average selling prices (ASPs) over the last 4 years given that smartphones are sold at a premium to basic feature phones. However, ASP's are poised to see a decline going forward as smartphone sales have overtaken feature phone sales, and replacement of smartphones rather than smartphone adoption is likely to be a key driver of sales going forward. Additionally, Samsung is heavily invested in developing markets, where local vendors have been offering high-end specifications on low priced handsets. We currently forecast that Samsung's ASPs will decline by around 15% by the end of the forecast period as the smartphone business becomes more commoditized. However, if ASPs remain steady at current levels, …show more content…
According to Vanessa Zeng, a senior analyst with Forrester Research in Beijing, has-beens are common in a market where Chinese consumers, accustomed to a deluge of new handset models, change their phones regularly.

Samsung Mobile Marketing strategies in China Strategies
It will be difficult to wage a Shenzhen War and its evident Chinese market shift in brand loyalty is a big factor. Samsung has to focus more on its premium products in market like china and price competitively against Apple, rather than spend resources in price war against other players.
Let the fundamentals of marketing be aligned.
Near about hundred model and variants is it acceptable while major competition tries to gain share with not more than 10 models. Samsung has to redefine it segment and feature phone approach.
Pricing over Product Life Cycle
The findings when we studied different products launched both by Samsung and Apple is exhilarating. A smartphone can completely transform its utilities as time progresses. The innovative organization like Apple and Samsung understand the rhythm of software and Hardware dynamics to entice the customer. The word of mouth for the next stage of growth spreads if there is a hot down load of the new version or new OS with exiting applications. Samsung has to sync the market skimming and OS value add to gain more market which is a weakness of other players except

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