Summary Of Sophie Mcbain's Head In The Cloud

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Technology has improved in todays society, so much that it has become a reliable source of communication, and storage for very important files and documents. Ones own memory however is very important to stimulate for their own good, and for times that technology cannot be accessible. As stated by Sophie McBain author of “Head In The Cloud”. “ Apart from the few occasions when my phone has run out of battery at a crucial moment, or the day I was accidentally plunged it into hot tea, or the evening my handbag was stolen, it hasn 't seemed to matter that I have downloaded most of my working memory on electronic devices.” This is a perfect example of why one should rely on their own memory instead of technology. Had McBain been able to access …show more content…
McBain says “By blurring the distinction between our personal and digital memories, modern technology could encourage intellectual complacency, making people less curious about new information because they feel they already know it, and less likely to pay attention to detail because our computers are remembering it”. Individuals fails to realize that their own memory can be better than technology, that is what makes them smart, and become ambitious. It seems as though technology has polluted the minds of …show more content…
Also the convienience of online shopping. Technology has also helped with the environment by saving trees, so many people have “gone green” a term used for individuals that choose to go paperless. My job currently is a paper less office we scan every document a patient brings into their electronic chart. We also use digital X-rays as well as have he patient fill out a tablet to document their information. There is also a system called erx where narcotics prescriptions are sent to he pharmacy electronically instead of the patient being given a paper prescription that can enable duplicating illegally. However has had more negative affects on society than positive. Older doctors and patients as well do not know how to use a tablet, nor can they text on a cell phone some do not even know how to work a computer. Visits to the library are infrequent now due to internet access, which isn 't always legitimate due to lack of research. People believing they are smart because if computers correcting their mistakes, individuals not stimulating their minds on their own effort, becoming lazy and dependent on technology. Identity theft has also had a negative affect on people lives when doing online shopping by entering your credit card information, as well as your social security

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