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  • Why People Should Be Banned Case Study

    Explain some cases in which you would perm-ban/temp-ban people: Staff Disrespect --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In my opinion Staff Disrespect is one of the vilest things someone can do on the server. Take their time to come and harass the staff members who keep them safe from other dangers that are brought to the server on a daily basis. When people start to get in the way of a staff members job by doing this they will first be dealt with with a warning. After the offense continues the player will be dealt with by being given a temp-mute which can range from times from 5 - 15 minutes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hacking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is one of the most serious offenses on OPCraft which to me is the most common. if a player is caught with a Hacked Client of any form they will be temporarily banned for 48h while other staff members discuss the punishment on the player. If majority rules the player will be banned off of all OPCraft servers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Advertising ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If a player post and IP…

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  • The Cult Of The Dead Cow

    A majority of the population perceive Hacktivists as criminals, while others see them as today’s heroes. Hacktivist groups have warned, rallied and provided a voice for the people. Cult of the Dead Cow penetrated and disabled several firewalls designed to protect China 's internet users from obtaining supposedly censored material from other parts of the world (“China...”). The Cult of the Dead Cow are also responsible for creating the Back Orifice software. Hacktivists designed this software for…

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  • Social Behavior: 4chan And Social Interaction

    the adolescents of 4chan, they will inevitably do not understand the common language and may easily become confused by the ritual that is posting on the site, they may not fully understand the cultural rules of the site and lack social capital in any regard they are often known for their behavior of meme-spamming and various other rule breakings. Oldfags were once Newfags themselves and were likely and likely either moralfags or /i/fag and can be considered the elderly of 4chan culture…

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  • Essay On Hacktivism

    uncomplexity and effortless ability to be conducted. This means that people with little to no prior knowledge can use different tools to launch their own protests. Furthermore, the effects of hacktivism are clearly visible if websites are changed to display the message of the hacktivist or if a website is completely unavailable due to attacks. While it may seem that many hacktivist activities are able to give those who are often left out a voice, not all the attacks are for just causes. Over…

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  • Pathological Gambling

    or a need for treatment. Recommended treatment options include as follows: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), self-help groups, and pharmacotherapy. CBT is a type of mental health counseling that helps the individual become aware of negative thinking so they can view challenging situations more clearly and respond to them in more effective ways. Studies show that CBT had significant beneficial post-treatment effects on PG. Pharmacotherapy (treatment using pharmaceutical drugs) had some…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline On Alcohol Abuse

    health issues in the United States, and the fourth leading preventable cause of death. AUDs can affect the individual and also family members. One in ten children have a parent who has some form of drinking problem. There can be several different forms of alcoholism, such as, drinking too much, too fast, or too often. There are many different forms of treatment of those who are affected by alcoholism. Health professionals along with mutual support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and…

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  • Analysis Of The Al-Anon Meetings

    The demographics of the al-anon meetings I attended was not vary diverse. The group was primarily white the majority women, There were two men in attendance. The alcoholics anonymous meeting was diverse as far as ethnicity, there were people of white, black, hmong decent. There were eight mails and two females. The ages of people in attendance of both meetings ranged from mid-twenties to as old as seventy. Alcoholism and narcotic abuse seemed to cross all cultures and ages. There was one…

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  • Narrative Essay On Long Term Recovery

    We know from other epidemics in our lifetimes that silence equals a death sentence. It’s far beyond time for those with long-term sobriety to stand up and be counted and show that AA and the twelve steps works! Enough is enough! My name is Kevin, I got sober in Alcoholics Anonymous and through the twelve-step process; I have been sober for the past nineteen years. My dear mother passed-on five years ago with over forty years of continuous sobriety thanks to AA and the twelve steps, my uncle…

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  • Alcoholics Anonymous Report

    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has become a major treatment approach that has been developed and deemed effective for working with individuals addicted to or abuse alcohol. Alcohol Anonymous (AA) was spearheaded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith and was officially started in May 1935. Both Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith recognized that sobriety could be attained or maintained through supporting others and themselves. Spiritual beliefs involved in AA were derived from the Oxford Group, which Bill Wilson…

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  • Coping Response Inventory Adult Form: A Summary

    strategy. When score and recording the data from an assessment, it is important that counselors try to avoid any error. Another ethical strategy when selecting assessments is to only select instruments that are appropriate for the level of education of the counselor and assessments that the counselor is trained in administering. Lastly, during the counseling process it is important for counselor to collaborate with clients and explain each assessment being used on the client. Assessment…

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