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  • Costa Rica-Personal Narrative

    Nicaragua, was really nice and she got very close to my whole family. We got to know everyone so well, we sent out emails and spread the word that we would have a party at our house and around 65 people came! We hadn’t even known them a week but we all immediately clicked. This was really inspiring because even though we just showed up and met them all a couple days before, we all became close and keep in touch now. It really was a great experience. When we were there, we had many different adventures. We went all around the town where we found a bunch of great restaurants, shops and beaches. We saw a ton of different animals and some ginormous bugs. We saw grasshoppers that were easily 6 inches long and giant tarantulas. We also saw a ton of howler monkeys. There were packs of them everywhere and we definitely did hear them. When I first heard them I thought there was maybe some sort of wild boar or a gigantic animal, but they were just monkeys! Also, we went with some of our friends that we met and they took us to this great waterfall where we all jumped off and swam in the river. While we were there, two other families we knew showed up and we were all there together. One of the days we went to the beach, there were these huge waves. We all came up from being flung around under water and bashed up, when one of the guys with us pops up out of the water with a huge cut and bruise on his face. When he got pushed under he had smashed into the sand and then a second wave came…

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  • Essay On Zoo Primates

    are able to grasp with that. The stubs on some provide more stability while swinging, however, they are not able to move this their thumbs which can also prove to give some problems at times while trying to grasp objects with their digits. •Black Howler Monkey (Alouatta caraya) Male and Female Black Howler Moneys are sexually dimorphic. Easy to depict male and females based on the color of their coat. The females have a golden brown coat which is the most distinguished feature of their…

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  • Aegyptopithecus Essay

    the Howler Monkey closely resemble the ancient Aegyptopithecus primate. Howler Monkeys known for their loud howls that can reach up to three miles away plus enjoy making nests to live in while Aegyptopithecus are known for bridging the gap between the Eocene and Miocene fossils. The Aegyptopithecus and the Howler Monkey have numerous similarities and differences. The differences include geographic location, skeletal features, and daily behavior; meanwhile similarities include social behavior,…

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