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  • Indirect Advertisement Analysis

    Especially, Links from Youtube. Indirect advertisement has a little to no appeal acceptance. for example: Come check out my new youtube video! (Recorded on a different server) this causes players to leave our community and join new ones. therefore not helping the servers playerbase. Mute Evasion: If you have been muted for some reason, then you are using other ways to talk to people in chat you will be banned for 15 minutes by any Manager, nobody below Manager is allowed to do this. for example "No one likes you ______!" on auction using a renamed item. Spamming in chat: Spamming in chat is when a player, repetitively repeats the same thing in very short bursts. Or may contain mass grouping of capital letters. I would do /mute (player) for 5 mins, and then after I would give them a 10 minute mute. If it continued further i would ask to talk to a higher member of staff to get them to deal with the player accordingly. Staff abusing their permission: will end in an instant demote if considered necessary Team speak staff…

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  • Why People Should Be Banned Case Study

    the player will be dealt with by being given a temp-mute which can range from times from 5 - 15 minutes. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------…

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  • Symbolism In The Trumpet Of The Swan

    The Trumpet of the Swan by E. B. White is a children 's book, published in 1970, that is full of talking animals, strange events, and fantastical elements. Even with the lighter tone of the story, White’s writing style and storytelling still hold symbolism. From racism to overcoming adversity, White’s stories have a deeper meaning that can resonate with us all on a personal level. The main character of this story is Louis, he is a trumpeter swan. The other swans, particularly Louis’ father,…

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  • Comparison Of Mute And Terrorstruck In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

    “Mute” and “Terrorstruck” are words which pounce from the closing scenes of “The Blind Man by D.H. Lawrence. It does not sound like a happy ever after tale compared to Raymond Carver's short story "Cathedral" uses satisfying words such as "that's good" in the shape of a positive reinforcement. However, both stories leave the reader with questionable endings. Are the central complications usually resolved at the end of a story? The last scene of this tale shows Maurice the blind host asking…

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  • Perm-Temp-Ban People: Case Study

    they got on and continued then i would ban them forever. Spam- The first time i would kick them. If they continued i would temp-mute them. If they continued after that i would mute them. Mute Evasion- I will need proof or see it with my own eyes first. If i did see it with my own eyes or on a video i would temp-ban them for 30 minutes. Indirect Advertising- If they were advertising i would just mute them forever because i feel that they do not need to be doing that kind of stuff to take…

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  • Loneliness In Carson Mcculler's The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

    Day by day, many people fill a day full of talking, laughing, and listening without thinking anything of it. But, what would life be like if you could not hear or speak. In Carson McCullers’s, “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” the reader is introduced to what is thought to be the protagonist of the novel, Singer. Singer is just like any other, except he is a deaf mute. He has a strong connection with his friend, Antonapoulous, who is also a deaf mute. However, it seems that, “the two mutes had no…

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  • Becoming A Staff Member

    Inappropriate Links: Any form of link that a staff member feels is inappropriate for a player to put into chat /mute (player) Inappropriate Links Mute Evasion: Using /ah to sell something and to broadcast a message to “evade” your mute by a staff member /tempban (player) 15m Mute Evasion This is only to be issued by a manager or to be given permission to be done by a manager Spamming Chat: Saying the same or very similar message over 3 time in chat to flood the chat and annoy players /warn…

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  • Symbolism In The Sorrow Of War By Bao Ninh

    He uses Kien’s interaction with the women to symbolize how throughout his time during and after war, he could never have the connection with another woman again after the loss of love with Phuong. Ninh uses the rape of Phoung to show Kien’s destruction of love. In addition, Nin uses the mute girl and the female corpse to emphasize how Kien is unable to love again. Ninh alludes to the notion of how war is painful through Kien’s experiences at war because war strips the capability to love. Kien’s…

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  • Mcmurphy In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's

    the doctor, and all” (Kesey 250). McMurphy planning the fishing trip for the men of the ward introduces to them a humorous and enjoyable experience, where the men can be free from the controlled environment of the ward. With McMurphy’s help, the men of the ward were able to be confident that they could freely laugh without the fear of any punishments on the fishing trip. McMurphy also instills confidence into Chief Bromden, causing him to no longer feign himself as a mute and deaf. When…

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  • The Theme Of Marxism In The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

    The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is an allegorical novel. At any rate the idea of making her protagonist a deaf-mute was a happy one, not merely for the obvious reason that he constitutes an excellent symbol of isolation but also because the nature of his handicap contributes greatly to the irony that is at the centre of the novel. The essential loneliness of individuals in a world full of other individuals as lonely as themselves is the paradox about which The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is…

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