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  • Personal Narrative: The Sky Serpent

    One of the players of Sword Art Online raised her saber behind her ear and held the position, feeling the Sword Skill charge. Once it was she let it explode as she spun her blade around. She was just one of a large group of Clearers currently fighting the Floor 49 Boss: The Sky Serpent. Floor 49 was Aztec themed with thick jungles, giant stone buildings, and ziggurats. It should have been little surprise that the Boss for it was based on the Quetzalcoatl from Aztec myth. Lyra ducked under one of the giant green serpent's wings and slashed at it with her saber in an eight-part combo. The Boss's HP dropped from two bars to one. She grinned as she darted back and switched out with Jan, one of her Guild members. They were almost done. Once they conquered this boss then they were half-way to freedom. Technically, Lyra and her Guild called The Red Hunters hunted red players, those whose cursors were orange from killing other players. In this death game, that was murder. When a Boss Lair was discovered though, they put their hunting aside to help defeat it and further the human frontier. Jan ducked out after a hit to let Asuna and some of her Knights of Blood strike. The boss screeched and unfurled its wings. They were birdlike wings covered in feathers. Most were lavender and some had a red tip to them. It flared a crown-like crest of lavender feathers with a number of violet and red ones scattered in front and flapped the wings. Asuna and her group were blown back, but lost…

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  • Diane Arbus Analysis

    Among her many notebooks and personal diaries, Diane Arbus wrote that, “The thing that’s important to know is that you never know. You’re always sort of feeling your way.” The breadth of Arbus’s work showcases this uncertainty through the viewfinder of a woman in New York’s twentieth-century bourgeoisie society, which Arbus herself rarely photographed. Instead, she focused on creating photographs which capture the essence of the human experience. Rather than document the lifestyle that her…

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  • Speech On Cherokee Culture

    This idea, introduced by Thomas King in his work “You’re Not the Indian I Had in Mind (King 31-46),” will be the basis of our museum’s thematic. Using the most innovative technologies available at the moment, we intend to have a virtual display of the main Cherokee Creation Myths in this exhibit as well. These creation myths play an important role in shaping the Cherokee identity, as evidenced in writer Diane Glancy’s novel Pushing the Bear: “Didn’t the soldiers know we were the land? The…

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  • Gun Violence Film Analysis

    on the share and she was walking around the room and thinking. Her eyes were telling how sad she had been since the gruesome event took place. Seventeen years ago, Diane Sawyer reserved a phone call from her husband Tom telling her that their son Dylan was in a arms and started to shoot at his colleagues at the school. The results of this mass shooting were threaten people lost their lives and twenty five people were anger mostly children. Interview‘s host asked her about her first reaction…

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  • The Meaning Of Freedom In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

    What is the meaning of Freedom? Can one ever be completely free? The true definition of freedom becomes a question early in the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, when Pi argues and refutes the claims relating to the cruelty and restrictiveness of a zoo enclosure. Pi claims that an animal is no more confined in its mobility by a physical cage, than, by its survival instincts in which profoundly restrict an animal’s freedom. According to Dictionary.com, freedom is “the state of being free or at…

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  • Big Fish And Life Of Pi Analysis

    reason to follow it. Similarly for Pi, Richard Parker enacted the role of a guide, in order to survive. While witnessing the survival instincts of Richard Parker, it presented Pi a technique of how to overcome this devastating and difficult journey. Due to the experience with Richard Parker and seeing how the natural survival instincts worked with him, it led to Pi discovering the will to survive. It is most evident when Pi describes his reaction after seeing Richard Parker’s attempt to feed…

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  • Theme Of Friendship In Life Of Pi

    Have you ever been alone and you wished for a friend to provide comfort and keep you going? Yann Martel, in his novel The Life of Pi, tells the story of a character who needed exactly that, given his circumstances. In his story, Martel expresses and promotes this idea through a long boat journey and some some incredible animals. Using these circumstances, Martel teaches the reader that in the face of danger, people find comfort in even the most unlikely friendships. In the beginning of the…

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  • Pi's Life Of Pi And Pi

    others-and I am one of those-never give up. We fight and fight and fight. We fight no matter the cost of the battle, the losses we take, the improbability of success. We fight until the very end….Richard Parker started growling that very instant, as if he had been waiting for me to become a worthy opponent. My chest became tight with fear (148). While suffering through the first story, numerous times Pi mentally suffers. At times, Pi loses hope and believes he is going to perish. Pi utters,…

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  • Reflection Paper On The Life Of Pi

    The Life of PI by Yann Martel takes us through a mind blowing journey of faith, struggle and obstacles. Pi Patel was stranded on a boat by himself for over 100 days but was still able to remain grateful during his time of struggle. Many things inspired his strong willed nature of not being thankful during his time’s of struggles. One being his unwavering faith in God, the others being his ability to find God Inside of him and him being able to remain thankful to those who kept him alive even…

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  • The Theme Of Religion In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

    In the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, Pi Patel is a member of three different religions. He believes that all these religions are the same, they all work towards an afterlife, and when it is all boiled down to it, each of simply wants to love God. Pi uses this beautiful faith in God as a vital coping mechanism to survive the vast Pacific Ocean. His faith in God proves to be a crucial part in Pi’s survival as it guides him through his ordeal. Throughout the novel religion is an aspect that…

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