Essay On Symbolism In Life Of Pi

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Sam Beyda Ms. Agassi Summer Homework 9/9/15 Enemy Territory Enemy Territory is an excerpt from a short story that focuses on an Allied unit entering the dreaded Germany. It is written by Hanoch Bartov and told through the eyes of Elisha, a young and confused allied soldier. In this short chapter Elisha faces many difficulties that he must overcome just to keep his moral values intact. The fundamental problem the story is grappling with is the issue of revenge. Bartov is trying to show that acting with vengeance does not equate to justice. Elisha recognizes this at the end of the chapter and saves the two Germans from being raped and killed even though they helped murder millions of his fellow Jews. The chapter opens …show more content…
Agassi Summer Homework 9/9/15 Life of Pi- Yann Martel Life of Pi was written by the famous and acclaimed author Yann Martel. The story focuses on the young man Pi Patel and his shipwreck at sea. The book is profound and meaningful and when analyzed and examined just becomes more beautiful. The three main techniques used by Martel in Life of Pi are: Symbolism, Weather and Symbolic Vampirism. Symbolism is used excessively throughout the story. The tiger himself, Richard Parker, symbolizes Pi 's animalistic properties and the part of himself he must embrace to survive the shipwreck. Weather in Life of Pi is not as random as it is in the real world. Martel uses the weather as a way to set the mood and tone the upcoming scene. The last technique, symbolic vampirism, is a bit tougher to see. Symbolic vampirism is used to describe a character that holds his selfish desires above the needs of others. The hyena (or the cook) is the vampire in the story who takes advantage of the weaker people on the boat just to keep himself satisfied. All these three techniques help further the main element of the story, which is Pi 's development and loss of innocence. The first and most extensive technique used by Martel in Life of Pi is symbolism. The book is littered with symbols and representations that must be analyzed to be understood. The tiger, Richard Parker, is the most obvious symbol that represents a part of Pi that he was too scared to ever acknowledge. Richard Parker is the animalistic part of Pi that is able to do what

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