Life Of Pi Religion Essay

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Life Of Pi Essay

The book of “Life of Pi”, by Yann Martel is a novel of finding yourself through religion. The main character named Pi, believed in God and faith. He comes across a journey that showed him how to be a better person. The book shows how Pi struggled through deciding which religion is best for him. And learning how to survive when everything you had ever known is gone. The point I’m trying to prove is that readers can evaluate their own faith based on their own decisions. You can find your true self by understanding your surrounds and deciding what’s best for you. Pi’s struggles with religion were quite different. He wasn’t an average boy who just followed the religion that he was born in. He became so involved with three types of religions which are Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam. It was difficult for him to choose because since he was a young boy, religion meant everything to him. “ "Religion
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Pi’s journey through the sea made him realize things that he never thought he’ll think of. Pi stated, “Even though God abandoned me. He was watching. Even when he seemed indifferent to my suffering. He was watching; and when I was beyond all of hope of saving. He gave me rest, and gave me a sign to continue my journey.” Pi felt saved because he knows that god will not let him die. That he has find hope and he should continue his journey.
The shipwreck turned Pi into an adult. Being alone in a boat after being part of a devastating accident made Pi find himself more. Pi was in god’s hand through the whole journey.”Faith is an opening up, a letting go, a deep trust, a free act of love”, Pi finds himself loving life through this unique kind of journey. His mind developed so much by understanding life more through learning how to survive on a boat in the middle of nowhere and trying to tame Richard Parker the Tiger.
In conclusion, Pi’s life hit a very hard rock.

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