Hope, Brutality, And Terror In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Night Theme Essay

A survivor of the horrific happenings of the concentration camps in World War II named Elie Wiesel writes a book called “Night”, telling the readers about his experience in the concentration camp and all how traumatizing the experience was and how it has left him scarred of the camp. The themes discussed in this essay are, Hope, Brutality, and Terror. To begin this essay the first theme spoken about is Terror.

Terror is one of the main themes in the book “Night”, for as the events Elie went through in the concentration camp are true terror and horrifying. The first example to play in the theme of terror in “Night” would have to be when Elie first arrives to the concentration
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The first example showing the Brutality in Elie Wiesel’s “Night” is when Elie is in the train on the way to their destination Auschwitz and one of the passengers named Mrs. Schachter, due to the separation of her and her husband and two older sons she was shattered, in the story she was in the same car as Elie and was insane screaming about seeing flames in the distance and would continue to scream about her sights which lead to the young men in the car to bound and gag her to silence her but she did not go silent and then they started beating her until she stopped, this experience is one of the many Elie has seen that is considered Brutality. The second example of Brutality in the story “Night” is when Elie was working in the warehouse a Kapo named Idek had been very angry that day and Elie seemed to get in his way and was beaten by Idek and due to Elie not making any sounds while being beaten, Idek beat him even harder and then stopped and put him back to work as if Idek had not done anything to him. This passage shows another example of brutality in “Night”. The final example showing the brutality in “Night” is when Elie’s father was dying and begging for water to Elie due to him being loud the SS officers ordered him to be silent or they would beat him, but since Elie’s father was dying he could not hear them that well and continued to yell for Elie to give him water and since Elie’s father failed to follow the orders of the SS officers they beat him even when he looked lifeless before they started beating him, this example shows the brutality in “Night”. Elie Wiesel wanted the reader to realize that even the weakest and soulless people in the camps were beaten as there was no limits to the brutality in the

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