Symbolism In Life Of Pi, By Yann Martel

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Life of Pi, written by Yann Martel in 2001 displays how reality and faith shape each other and how each person has their own reality. While forming a central idea of how faith and belief can shape one's reality, Martel's crafting and organisation of the book leads readers to understand that Pi uses metaphorical animals representing him and other passengers on the lifeboat. Through these symbolic animals Pi relays his story while simultaneously buffering himself from the reality of the events occurring in the 227 days he was lost at sea.

Through his construction and organisation of the novel Martel shows that the animals are metaphorical. One example is the clerical error in naming Richard Parker, this is similar to choosing the name Pi as opposed to Piscene. Richard Parker represents a more bestial survival oriented aspect of Pi’s personalty. He uses the metaphorical tiger to provide a facade covering less desirable parts of his personality from himself and others. Another example of this parallelism is the orangutan, Orange Juice to his
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For instance, the interview with the shipping officials at the end of the book radically changes the reader's viewpoint. This being written after the story of the animals provides a revelation for the reader. It clearly shows how the metaphors are used and further progresses the reader's understanding of the book much more so than if it had been listed closer to the beginning of the book.

Yann Martel provides a message of truth not necessarily being coherent and shows how belief can influence your personal truth. Pi’s various religious beliefs shape his personal truths through the book. For example Pi’s beliefs shape a truth for him that consuming animals is wrong. In contrast with this, is the French Cook’s truth of it being correct to consume animals. This shows how people's truths can be different because of their

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