Personal Narrative: The Sky Serpent

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One of the players of Sword Art Online raised her saber behind her ear and held the position, feeling the Sword Skill charge. Once it was she let it explode as she spun her blade around. She was just one of a large group of Clearers currently fighting the Floor 49 Boss: The Sky Serpent. Floor 49 was Aztec themed with thick jungles, giant stone buildings, and ziggurats. It should have been little surprise that the Boss for it was based on the Quetzalcoatl from Aztec myth.

Lyra ducked under one of the giant green serpent's wings and slashed at it with her saber in an eight-part combo. The Boss's HP dropped from two bars to one. She grinned as she darted back and switched out with Jan, one of her Guild members. They were almost done. Once they
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Asuna looked at Lyra enviously at her lack of injury. Calling them friends would not be the most accurate description.

The Sky Serpent was busy focusing on the group of warriors underneath it that Jan was able to get behind it. What he had noticed was that the Serpent was hovering near the top of the roof, right up against the pillars. He dropped his small shield so it wouldn't tangle him up and made sure he had a good grip on his longsword. His HP was too low to afford a serious hit, so he truly hoped that this worked.

When he neared one of the pillars he jumped up, his feet against the pillar, and he used his momentum to jump across to the pillar next to it, gaining some height. He repeated the move, the height he was gaining increasing until he was up to the roof where the Serpent was. He raised his longsword as he did one last jump and pushed off the pillar, flying in the air towards his enemy. The longsword glowed blue as the Sword Skill activated. Don't move!

The Sky Serpent obliged. Jan came down just behind the Boss's crest of feathers, sword in front of him, and the force behind the Skill thrust the sword into the enemy's
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His pouch though, was empty. "Wow, I'm just not winning. First a lame prize and now this."

"Jan!" Lyra shouted as she stomped over to him, saber in hand.

"Now I'm dead." Jan muttered.

Kirito helped him to his feet and backed up. He would rather risk Asuna's wrath then Lyra's.

The twins stayed back. Jan looked desperately to Merrik, the other original member of the Guild, but Merrik wasn't even looking in this direction. The two newbies Alto and Xavian looked at him sympathetically but did nothing to help. Xavian had joined their guild after his old guild had ousted him when they learned he was a Beta. Alto's guild had been killed by a trap in the dungeon. The Red Hunters were comprised only of Betas.

"What were you thinking you idiot?" Lyra demanded. "Are you making this into a habit? You did the same thing with the 48 Boss." She put one hand on her hip, raising her saber towards Jan with the other. "Well Alex!?"

Asuna straightened. Jan glanced at her, and Lyra lowered her saber.

"Jan," she corrected herself

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