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  • Comparing Mozi And Laozi Essay

    At a superficial level, Laozi and Mozi seem to be at odds with one another on nearly all levels. Mozi’s philosophy is backed up with reasoning and a prevailing idea of rational thought in order to create order. Seemingly contradictory is Laozi’s claim that order is created through a spiritual law produced by an entity he calls “Dao” or the Way. At a glance Laozi’s philosophy seems far too mystical to have similarities with Mozi, but they actually have far more in common when it comes to how they believe a government should be run. The ideal state in both Daoist, and Mohist thought operate in such a way that they are highly similar, not so much as explicit structure, but more so in the underlying roots of legitimacy, the basis of laws, and the role of the state to bring order. The foundation of Laozi’s philosophy is that to create order, a ruler cannot become tied up in making moral distinctions and then forcing those distinctions on the people. Laozi wrote “The more clear the laws and edicts, the more thieves and robbers” (Laozi ch. 57) As a result of making these distinctions, even if the intent is to produce “good” people, “bad” people are also created. His explanation for this is that, because all living things are unified in the Way, the good and bad of the world are all part of its natural order. The Way is active in…

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  • Personal Narrative: How College Changed My Life

    Way before I even thought college was a word, it was always implanted of what kind of career I wanted to study. I will probably change my mind, like I’ll change my under wear because I am so indecisive. Over time, As I was becoming older and closer to graduation, I eventually became more realist of what I wanted to be after high school and how to start this dream to become a reality. The word college was now mentioned every day, and it became a daily vocabulary around me. It became part of my…

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  • 1. What Is Cerebral Paddock's Cerebral Palsy?

    Than he wanted to make a mark on the way he lived with C.P. so he started to make up jokes and used to put on comedy shows for his parents and his parents thought that he was pretty funny. Then he started to do shows for his town and people started to know about him he had people saying that he should do concerts for dig crowds. His first show was for a crowd of five hundred people and they loved him so he went on doing hundreds of shows to this day. He is Forty eight years old and still doing…

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  • Mao Zedong Positive Effects

    “Let a Hundred Flowers bloom, let a hundred schools of thought contend” -Mao Zedong, May 1956 This was the beginning of the Hundred Flowers campaign, a movement within the Communist government aiming to terminate restrictions for Chinese citizens and granting them a freedom of thought and speech. Launched by Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China in 1956, it encouraged Chinese citizens to share ideas, opinions, suggestions and allowed them to openly criticise the party and its policies.…

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  • Deontological And Teleological Theories Essay

    If the person lies under an ultraistic view believing that this will save the one hundred people but then the one hundred people end up dying then by teleological standards the act of lying was morally wrong. When you take into account the string of consequence that is possible what may seem like the morally right thing to do, may later prove to be the wrong thing to do. For instance in this same example the person lies to save one hundred people, but then those one hundred people end up costing…

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  • Alexander Graham Bell's Invention Of The Telephone

    invented the telephone? Alexander was constantly working on scientific experiments and he became a famous man. Now, hundreds of thousands people can communicate through phones. Bell also worked on a school to help the deaf to enroll. His invention helps life today because we can now communicate through technology called the telephone. Alexander’s Father established a school for the deaf to learn and Alexander also helped the deaf learn. He also inspired the world around him. Alexander made a…

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  • Analysis Of Shame By Philip Gregory

    Education Processes The school system has changed yet stayed the same in the last hundred-fifty year however still has the same promblems. America’s school system has always wanted to have student who have higher grades however when people try to teach children it is next to impossible. Students are facing discrimination, just as Dick Gregory’s article “Shame,” addressed in the 1950’s. A large amount of Americans are still set up for failure just as the essay “Learning to Read and Write,” by…

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  • Causes Of Menta Mental Illness

    crossed your mind that whenever there is a massive shooting the first to blame is mental illness. Why is that? Schools, stores, restaurant’s/bars, offices, place of worship, military bases and etc. What we once considered a safe place is now an unpleasant place. One hundred and fifty horrific shootings over the last fifty-two years from nineteen sixty-six until now. One thousand and seventy-seven deaths, one hundred and seventy-six of those deaths were children and teenagers. Yet, the judicial…

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  • Inner City Violent Crimes Essay

    We are living out a critical period of our history as a society. A period of which there are debates that result from several differences of thought, opinion, and belief, as to the root cause of the various ills we face, in particular, the rise of “inner-city violent crimes.” It is my contention, that what we are experiencing are the fruits from the seeds of slavery that was introduced to this country almost six hundred years ago. Yes, it may be hard to think that the sins our nation…

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  • The Witch's Hammer Analysis

    part of it nonetheless. And I am not sure how to process the meaning of his text. I have a strong love for history but a small part of me wishes I had never learned that two men actually wrote a book that was used to accuse and kill hundreds or thousands of people. It just makes my heart hurt for what those someone wanted their land. Most people that used this book misused it. I do not know what gives two people the right to say that someone's birthmark is a sign of witchcraft. This book and the…

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