Montessori Education

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As a parent, I was interested in different educational approaches for my children and I had a hard time to decide which education is better for them. As a mother of two toddlers I was particularly interesting in teaching methods for younger children and one of them that I stumble upon was a Montessori education. It’s existed for almost a 100 years and very famous in this day and after educating myself about it, I immediately fell in love in Montessori education. However, after dipper research I came out with serious reservations about Educational method of Maria Montessori as an approach for the young children.
Maria Montessori was born in Italy in 1870. She was Italian educator and philosopher, who organized the International Montessori Association
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For its full development and maturation necessary fertile soil “a positive learning environment” and protection against negative external influences and it is teacher’s job to open up child’s heart for emotional, spiritual and moral perception of the world .Even though Montessori education has a lot of positive sides, my opinion towards this method of education isn’t so positive, because I see a lot of issues in it. For example, it is very expensive school, and not every family can get their child into this program. Another negative aspect that montessorians believes that creativity prevents mental development of the child. They explain this fact that children who thinking creatively can invent imaginary word and could escape in this world from existing problems. Тhe role of books in the development of the child’s life is not given any importance, they are not forbidden, of course, but are not considered necessary. Can you imagine a child who is not adapted to read and what a hard time will he have at school? Montessori Method is also not suitable for shy children, because according to the rules, the teacher cannot come to the child until the child will decide to come by himself and ask for a help. So what should do those children in the class, sit and watch? I don’t like also mix of student’s age, children of different ages are different in their physical and psychological characteristics, which means - they have different development needs, and they require a different approach, I believe, that it is impossible to place child who is 3 years and child who is 6 years old in the same class. Big, fat minus of this approach is also that after the democratic Montessori school child will be difficult to adapt to the rules of public school. The child may be difficult to admit that the painting class now will be before

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