Campaign finance reform

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  • Arguments Against Campaign Finance Reform

    would try the fortitude of their burgeoning political system. The effects of their unknowingness permeate throughout the United States government; yet still the American people are seemingly unware of – or perhaps altogether unmoved by – the astonishing amount of money being funneled into the political machine, let alone the identities of those making such remarkable donations. A series of wide-sweeping Congressional legislation which champions transparency in all matters of campaign finance is needed if the American electorate is to lift the veil on soft money…

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  • Essay On Campaign Finance Reform

    The definition of campaign finance reform is a movement, fueled in recent decades by political candidates' increasing dependence on expensive television advertisements, to restrict the amount of money that individuals and interest groups can contribute to political campaigns (Dictionary.com2016). With the status of campaign finance reform they have three main avenues that will regulate their campaign finance. A few states rely on one but most use a combination of two or three campaign finance…

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  • Public Campaign Finance

    One argument to resolve the ever-increasing need for campaign fund-raising, the influence of contributions, and equity in political outcomes is to reinvigorate the public campaign finance system (Miller, 2014). At the national level, public campaign finance is defunct, yet in municipalities, there are various public campaign finance systems in use. Cities are micro-laboratories of democratic providing various structures for increasing equity in political participation and decreasing the policy…

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  • John Mccain Feingold Act Case Study

    John McCain the senior senator from Arizona was one of the leading proponents supporting campaign finance reform. However, not everyone else in Washington agreed with him. He began to see how murky the waters of politics were becoming with the influence of money in the process of elections. McCain got together with Ross Feingold and drafted the McCain-Feingold Act to try to curb the corruption that was beginning to turn Washington into a free for all. Prior to this act politics and the influx of…

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  • Political Corruption: The Citizens United V. FEC

    Political corruption is always brought up during election season and seemingly everyone has their own fix. Corruption today can be quickly discovered if one just follows the trail of dark money. Funds given to a politician from a corporation, whether in a campaign or as lobbying, is referred to as dark money by liberal politicians. Citizens United V. FEC was a supreme court case which ruled that money is speech and thus corporations can give endless sums of money to politicians under their…

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  • US Campaign Finance Case Study

    The current U.S. campaign finance system is definitely a problem. The U.S. campaign financing system has never been one of the hallmarks of our democracy as influence has always been susceptible to monetary benevolence. But in 2010 it was dealt a lethal blow by the U.S. Supreme Court when they decided by a narrow majority to trample a century of precedent and declare that corporations, and by extension labor unions, have a first amendment right to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence…

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  • 1st Amendment Speech

    The controversy circulating the idea that money is a freedom of expression and protected by the 1st amendment has been an active topic of discussion while debating the use of corporate money for political campaigns. These disputes are typically about whether or not limits on spending money should be engaged and regulated to keep the election process fair. And although money does play a big role in informing political messages, it can only really serve as a mainstay for a corporation’s tactic of…

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  • Arguments Against Term Limits

    Some proponents of term limits believe that political PACs would lose some of this power if term limits were imposed because it would disrupt the relationships between candidates and PACs by constantly rotating the politicians in power. However, the agencies that are sophisticated and eager to deploy their money in Washington and, as Sandra Day O’Connor wrote in the 2003 Supreme Court Case that upheld most of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, “Money, like water, will always find an outlet” In…

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  • The Influence Of Election Campaigns

    American election campaigns are unique in many ways. Many other nations look to us as a beacon of hope for democracy, the gold standard for a republic, and the perfect example for elections and election campaigns. While we may be a beacon of hope and to some the gold standard, we are far from perfect in any regard – especially within our campaigning and election system. In the United States, campaign finance reform can seeming gain no traction in congress or the supreme court. There is always…

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  • Campaign Finance Case Study

    Campaign finance reformers would most like to see a cap placed on how much can be spent “independent” of campaigns just as there is a cap with how much can be contributed directly to a campaign. Unfortunately, Citizens United quashed any notion of spending caps because as previously stated the Court feels caps would inhibit free speech. Caps would help equalize the influence between the wealthy and the non-wealthy, and discourage bribery and extortion. Also, contribution limits would improve…

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