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  • Camera Phone Convergence

    the camera phone and social media has lead us to survey not only ourselves but others. I will not put too much focus on the origin of the camera phone , rather I will be writing on how social media and the camera phone has shaped us to review our pictures , and the positives that have come with the convergence of these technologies Although the topic is under great debate, the first ever camera phone was created in May 1999 by Japanese laser printing company Kyocera. The company created the Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210, the phone had a full colour camera which could take still and video images that was integrated into the phone .The phone could sadly only store 20 pictures at the size…

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  • Evolution Of The Camera Phone Case Study

    and Case Study Evolution of the camera phone The 90’s was a significant era for human development. Technology took leaps every year with its foundation in capitalism and the eagerness to make a mark on human society, catapulting us into the lifestyle we lead today. Many mundane things we do today came to us from this eventful time in history. The tiniest inventions paved the way for the biggest changes in lifestyle. Of all the inventions the mobile phone was one that we can safely say brought…

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  • How Has Technology Changed Over The Last 10 Years

    brick like phones, to thin and sleek phones is mind boggling. We’re using smartphones on a daily basis - being able to access any information from anywhere we want. We have incredibly powerful computers which can do more calculations per second, than we can even think of. Smartphones have changed everyday life drastically. It’s the kind of device where if left at home we panic. We rely so much on the vast variety of tools a smartphone provides. For example phones are replacing clocks and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Police Body Cameras

    article, “Police Body Cameras” written on May 28, 2016 is about police wearing body cameras. The article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of police wearing body cameras while on duty. Many civilians died at the hands of police and without any footage of what transpire between the police and the civilian/civilians then the justice system will give the police the right. However, persons think that the presence of body camera will not change anything as the justice system will be in favor…

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  • Summary Of Castello Cavalcanti By Wes Anderson

    long shot still and pan from the town centers gate moving right to a bunch of locals gathered outside of a café. There’s quicks cuts between shots and as the camera pans through the crowd of people you get the notion that they are out for an event and waiting. As the third shot pans…

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  • How Is Digital Image Affected By Cultural Sharing Under Globalization?

    The invention of digital camera caused a storm in the world, individuals could take pictures and check them immediately, also could save, edit, adjust and transfer photos in their cameras. Nowadays it creates more functions in a camera. Compare to the past, digital photography is more convenient than traditional photography, it could save time (for example, people do not need to wait for the development of films and they could see the photo immediately), save space (people do not need a large…

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  • Music Video Analysis: Bitch Better Have My Money

    video, the wife is seen from up close angles. I believe they show her in this manner because she is one of the main characters as well as for us to be able to see her facial expressions during the entire experience. The dark mood is increased by the slow pans and blurring background of the camera as the lady, already in the box, is thrown into the trunk of a car. These edits and camera angles plants the atmosphere for the rest of the song. The lyrics at 2 minutes and twelve seconds: “Your wife…

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  • Roll Photography Research Paper

    are some uses of Photography. There are many schools such as; New York Film Academy, Brooks Institute, and Hallmark Institute of Photography. These Schools are based around art careers and professional photography. Many people go get professional pictures done for their senior year, weddings, family photo albums, and other special events. Likewise, other people take an interest in showing of and pursuing their talent in photography by making blogs and pages to post their photos they have taken. …

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  • Pros And Cons Of Gopro

    amateur entrepreneur’s garage, not in a multi-national’s lab. Started with 10,000 dollars in bootstrapped cash, Nick Woodman, an aspiring entrepreneur started off selling bead and shell belts to raise the cash to sell the product that is now part of America 's fastest-growing camera company. It was while selling bead and shell belts out of his van that Nick Woodman had envisioned the idea of a better film strap for cameras, as the common film straps on the market weren’t particularly durable and…

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  • Microlens Case Study

    smaller than 1 mm, they can work by diffraction, refraction or a combination of these two. When arranged regularly on a single substrate they form a microlens array. In order to be considered a good quality lens, microlenses must have qualities such as to low wavefront aberrations, consistency of focal length and pitch across the array, durability and low price. (Daly 2001) Microlens arrays have several applications, such as CCD arrays, digital projectors, photocopiers, mobile-phone cameras, 3D…

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