Effective Factors Of Body Cameras

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Ferguson, Missouri on the night of August 9th, 2014 an unarmed teenager by the name of Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer with no body camera. Officer Darren Wilson was up for trial for the murder of Michael Brown and was found not guilty. The town of Ferguson was out ragged as violent riots and protests broke out because of the ruling. (Buchanan) Many argue that Officer Wilson used excessive force in the altercation however, the court and jury members believed differently. If a body camera was used by the officer, the public would have had video evidence and be knowledgeable of the actual events. Body cameras should be part of police officers uniforms because it provides safety for the officer and citizens, it takes …show more content…
The officer can do his/her job without having to worry about getting in trouble or fired for doing the right thing, even if the events make a turn for the worst, as long as the officer is taking the correct actions they will be covered. The officers are aware of the recording, so they know every step is being watched and if they make the wrong decision, they will be held accountable for their actions. Police departments get complaints everyday ranging from, “an officer used inappropriate language” to “an officer used excessive force”. With the body cameras being used the officers in charge of investigating the complaint has video footage of the incident and can determine whether or not the officer violated the …show more content…
With video cameras on nearly every cell phone and surveillance cameras all over urban cities; video evidence plays a huge part in court rooms. With the footage from dash cameras and now the body cameras this video evidence may be the only evidence provided to solve a criminal case. When police officers use force on a detainee, the video footage can be used to present in front of a judge and jury to determine whether the force was justified or not. As opposed to when it was the officers word against the criminals word or witnesses who have their own biases.
The main objective of body cameras are to gain the trust back from the public and provide better policing for the community, however many citizens believe the cameras invade their privacy. Citizens believe body cameras are an invasion of privacy because they are not asked for permission to be filmed, some may not even know they are being filmed, and others strictly do not want to be filmed. Officers come into contact with children and teenagers, however their parents have not been informed their children are being filmed and the parents are not asked for permission for their children to be

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