Smart Phone Essay

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We’ve seen a significant change in the use of technology over the last 10 years and this change is set to continue over the upcoming years. To think that we have gone from brick like phones, to thin and sleek phones is mind boggling. We’re using smartphones on a daily basis - being able to access any information from anywhere we want. We have incredibly powerful computers which can do more calculations per second, than we can even think of.

Smartphones have changed everyday life drastically. It’s the kind of device where if left at home we panic. We rely so much on the vast variety of tools a smartphone provides. For example phones are replacing clocks and watches. Even though the phone is not replacing the television, people can just access TV on their phone easily. Smartphones are so powerful now that they’re even replacing debit cards and cash, by using NFC (Near field communication). Surfing the web on your phone is extremely easy and the fact that we can get any information anytime we want, has quite an impact on our way of living. Even though phones are changing everything, doesn’t mean that all of it is good. Alongside the advantages of this cutting edge piece of technology,comes downside .Smartphone’s have also replaced social interaction. Nowadays there is hardly any discussion. We are constantly connected to our phones and have with us all day.
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We are not at all close at witnessing a hoverboard, like in Back to the Future. But we are making steady progress towards it. Lexus a reputable company, recently featured their own hoverboard. In their advertisement they show off their recent attempts in producing a hoverboard. And in all honesty it stood up to the test. The hoverboard uses electromagnets and liquid nitrogen to float above a magnetic track. Although, it isn’t as glamorous as a fully levitating board it could result to it one day. This invention would change the market that include skateboards and

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