Importance Of Mobile Phones

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The mobile phone is great technology and is a must-have for life in the 21st century. Today smart phones are a part of everyday life. Millions of people wouldn’t leave their homes without it. Communication and mobility are two very important things in today’s society. The Smartphone enables both. Neilson research shows smart phone sales skyrocketed since 2012. Fifty-five percent of all mobile phone subscribers are using smart phones now. Seventy four percent of young adults ages 25 to 34 own a smart phone. Smart phone ownership for kids 13 to 17 years old went up 22 percent from 2011 to 58 percent in 2015. More and more young people are getting smart phones at even younger ages in 2015. Smart phones have many functions. They keep everyone communicating and connected. Anyone is reachable from anywhere at any time. This is also great for safety. Smart phones provide quick and easy entertainment with a huge selection of games, shows, and other applications. People can access the internet, news, and books to stay updated at all times. Smart phones are small in size, making them convenient to take with you everywhere. They have endless …show more content…
Having a cell phone can help in emergency situations. Parents were interviewed to see why they bought cell phones for their children. They responded that the main purpose was safety. They wanted their children to have cell phones so they could call parents or the police if an emergency were to occur. This is especially important when kids are home alone or walking home from school. If someone is in need of help, a simple phone call can save their life. If a person gets injured or trapped somewhere they wouldn’t have access to a landline. They would be able to call for rescue if they carried a cell phone in their pocket or bag. Being connected and communicating with smart phones means increased safety for everyone. Carrying a cell phone makes people feel safe and

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