What Is The Use Of Cell Phones

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The majority of cell phones now days, seem to be people’s life line from day to day tasks and even chores. Society depends on the use of cell phones so much in today’s world. Cellular devices are used for a variety of things in order to get through the day; having a cell phone in one’s pocket is the equivalent to carrying around a desktop computer. Cell phone technology has taken a ridicules turn, there is so much an individual can do on a cell phone just as any other computer whether it is a lab top or a desktop computer. The average person can use them from anywhere or at any time with the cellular towers and networking. Cell Phones are used for a multitude of things. Couple of examples range from logging onto one’s bank account, calling …show more content…
One of the many ways we use our cellular devices is through calling one another. Making a phone call requires little effort at all; it’s simply dialing anywhere from ten numbers or eleven numbers. Once those digits are dialed the caller that an individual might has called simply just answers the phone and boom…you both are having a conversation! What I think is mind blowing is being able to actually see someone one you are having a conversation with over your cell phone. Calling that number that someone has dialed and then selecting video chat. There are so many different apps or applications that cell phones users can download in order to video chat. Most of the apps that can be downloaded can work just about anywhere they would like to video chat whether that is close by or on the opposite end of the world. Either way people look at it, no one that has a cell phone shouldn’t have the ability to sit down and have a conversation without being able to see who they are talking …show more content…
Cell phone users can download any type of music they prefer; ranging from rock, country and even hip hop. Those are just a few of the different types of music that users can search and download. Another great thing that they can be sued for is that some cell phones have the capabilities to edit some music or even put different types of music together so that you can create one’s own tone or beat. Downloading is a huge plus, anywhere one chooses to sit down and watch a movie, whatever movie or video that might be can help pass anytime he or she desires. Most apple users; which if someone might not know is a type of brand some cell phone users us. They have created an app which is known as Itunes. That app lets users download almost any movie that one might want to watch. Those users will probably have to purchase those movies, but either way having the ability to do that is so easy and convenient. None the less people can even get on Youtube and watch videos that have been uploaded by

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