Apple Iphone Research Paper

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While being in a new generation, we are experiencing multiple changes in technology with developing advancements. There used to be landlines, which then turned into a cell phone, which then turned into a smart cell phone. Currently, mobile phones have become a vital part of a person’s life and social identity. Consumers and producers everywhere have developed a whole new meaning for smartphones. The purpose of a phone has shifted from calling and texting, to much more beyond that, such as games, music, social media, internet, etc. It has become necessary for every consumer and producer have a smartphone so they can be updated in today’s society, other than the television and newspaper. The Apple iPhone was introduced in January of 2007 by Steve …show more content…
Lastly, parents have greater control over which apps their children use. With the iOS 8, Apple added a feature called Family Sharing that lets everyone in the family share the same apps, books, and other content that the family decides to download. Not only does it let everyone see and get the same apps, it also allows restrictions on certain apps in case they are not appropriate for other members of the family (Kovach). The iPhone has plenty of more functionality that other smartphones cannot get which is why the Apple iPhone is one of the greatest investments. The main reason for a company to have a website is so that people are likely to find the company and the products. Society now days, usually goes online to see sales and updates on the company’s products before going into the local store. When looking at the Apple Incorporated website, the first thing that shows up is the iPhone 6 because it is their most popular product that is sold the most. At the top of the website, there are icons to each of the products they sell: Mac, IPhone, IPad, Watch, TV, Music, and support. When clicking on the iPhone icon, it leads to a page full of Apple iPhone

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