Use Of Cell Phones Essay

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We use our phone to communicate with our family and friends. If we have relatives abroad, sometimes, we use our cell phone to talk to them using applications such as skype or viber. If we miss someone, we are only a text or call away to tell that we missed them, unlike before which requires letters to be sent and we need to wait for a long time. When we get home after a day’s work, we often play with our phones to release the stress in our mind and help us relax. Sometimes, we play music from our phones while we are cooking or doing something at home. If there are special occasions, we capture and record those memorable moments using our phones for it to be remembered every day. Often, we download our favorite music and videos for leisure and entertainment purposes. We update ourselves with the daily happenings of our favorite artists through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. These are just the few things we can do on our phones, and what phones can do for us. …show more content…
They can also be used in studying and researching. In short, cellphones can be used as a knowledge-acquiring tool for our studies. If we have assignments, we can research it on Wikipedia using our phones. Or if you have something to check on the meaning of a certain word, you can download the app called English and that will serve as your dictionary. If we notice today’s trend, all people now have cell phones. It does not matter what their jobs are or how rich they are. The important thing is, they have something to use for communication and leisure after a day’s hard work. In short, all people from different walks of life have cell phones with their various

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